Top 15 Best Bowling Balls for Hook in 2023

Top 15 Best Bowling Balls for Hook in 2023

Best Bowling Ball for Hook

Editors Pick: For the perfect hook potential, we have chosen the Brunswick Quantum Bias as the best bowling ball for hook on heavy oily lanes. It is asymmetrical and will leave your opponents unable to predict your moves. We strongly recommend this if you want to increase your average in a little time.

Have you been looking for a bowling ball that can give you good hook potential? The best bowling ball for hook options will give you the much-needed competitive edge. Bowling balls today come with modern technology that makes them efficient.

They need to have the perfect entry-angle, speed, and rotation as well. In addition to this, they also have to help you hit the pocket. You will have to pick a ball with a high hook potential to be able to incorporate all of these abilities.

They also have to adapt well to the various conditions of the lane you are bowling in. If hitting the pockets is your priority, it is important that you have the right bowling balls as well.

We have taken the time to look for some of the best bowling balls for hook options in the market. We have reviewed each in-depth. We have also put together a list of the features that you should look for in a good bowling ball.
In addition to this, you will also find our answers to a few most commonly asked questions about bowling balls for hook.

Comparison Chart of the Best Bowling Balls that Hook the Most

ProductsCoverstockColorWeights (lb)WarrantySee Details
Brunswick Quantum BiasECA-XRWhite Solid14-161 YearCheck Latest Price
Storm Sure LockGI-17 Solid ReactiveNavy/Electric/Orange12-161 YearCheck Latest Price
Track AliasPrime HybridSmoke/Purple/Orange12-161 YearCheck Latest Price
Hammer Rip'd SolidAggression Solid CFIBlue/Black/Orange12-163 YearCheck Latest Price
Dv8 Pitbull BiteComposite FangBlack/Yellow/Neon Green12-162 YearCheck Latest Price
Pyramid Path RisingPearl ReactiveMultiple Colors8, 10-162 YearCheck Latest Price
Brunswick RhinoR-16 Pearl ReactiveMultiple Colors10-162 YearCheck Latest Price
Hammer Black Widow LegendNBT HybridBlack/Red Pearl12-163 YearCheck Latest Price
Pyramid AntidoteGPS Navigational SolidYellow/Black/White12-162 YearCheck Latest Price
Motiv Trident NemesisInfusion™ HV Pearl ReactiveTeal/Black Pearl12-161 YearCheck Latest Price
Storm Phaze IIIR3S Hybrid ReactiveObsidian/Jade/Orchid12-161 YearCheck Latest Price
Brunswick TwistR-16 ReactiveMultiple Colors8-162 YearCheck Latest Price
Pyramid PathogenGPS Navigational SolidLime Green12-162 YearCheck Latest Price
Ebonite ChoiceGSV-1 HybridBlack/Red/White12-161 YearCheck Latest Price
Pyramid Pathogen XGPS Navigational PearlOrange Pearl12-162 YearCheck Latest Price

Brunswick Quantum Bias (Best Bowling Ball for Hook Beginners)


This Brunswick quantum bias is a much stronger version than the original white quantum bias. It comes in an ultramarine color. It comes with a Quantum Mushroom High RG Asymmetric core. It also combines with the ECA-XR pearl cover stock. Together, these make for one of the best bowling balls in the market.

The combination of two allows for some excellent hook potential and hooking motion. In midlane bowling conditions, you can also expect great pin carry. They also tend to skid down the lane with the strongest change in direction at the front.

The ball also comes with a warranty period of one year from the purchase date. It has been known to increase bowler’s average substantially when they switch to this ball. It only gets stronger as the lanes open up.

You can also expect a great hook on heavy oil lane conditions. It finds the pocket even when you miss the mark, especially when the lanes dry up.



Storm Sure Lock Bowling Ball


When you see the Storm Sure-Lock, you will see a distinctive motion. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, you will be able to notice this motion with clarity. The Rad-X Core on this ball brings really substance to the hook. This involves a quick and fast spin radius.

Hence, you will see no shortage of movement with the sure lock ball, whatever your play style may be. It also ensures a high carry percentage as you play. It is also known for its excellent flare potential. You can expect a superior hook and good ball motion as well.

It has about 6 inches of flare potential that makes it full of energy. It is a great option for generating the much-coveted mid-lane roll. It is also excellent for heavy oily lane conditions.

The best bowlers in the world have been known for controlling the mid lane just right. The coverstock material formulation on this sure lock ball helps with just that. The ball is also finished at 2000 grit abralon.



Track Alias Bowling Ball


This Track Alias bowling ball is great for use on lanes with heavy oil conditions. The ball also has a dull finish due to its 2000 Grit Abralon pad with which it is finished. It also has a prime hybrid cover stock that gives the ball a quick response time.

This is in reaction to heavy oil conditions. It is also a versatile ball and can be used for strong options. It allows for good mid lane, smooth, or even angular motion. All of this applies to ball reaction.

This is because the ball can get drilled to get the right differential. It offers a great hook and has an exciting look that can show your opponents some unexpected moves. For powerful backend movement and a great hook, you can drill the ball asymmetric.

If you are looking for a heavy oil ball, this is the right budget bowling ball for you. It will smash the pins and is drilled up for heavy oil patterns as well. It also has great hooking potential. It also comes in sizes between 12lbs. to 16lbs.



Hammer Rip'd Solid Bowling Ball (Strong Hook Potential On Heavy Oil Lanes)


This is a high-performance ball that uses the Aggression Solid CFI coverstock. It has a low RG core design that is also high differential rip d solid. It also has a strong recovery while bowling. It shows a great hook through oil lanes.

It is a good ball for the house shot as well. The Rip d Solid is also great for its asymmetric reactive. However, it does need some oil to work well. The ball is also great on the mid lane and with the pins as well.

It also has an aggressive cover and the core is big as well. This makes it a strong ball that continuously delivers on oil. It also offers good control as well. With the correct volume in it, this ball is bound to impress.

You will be able to store just enough energy to get through the pins in time. It is also extremely durable and comes with a 3-year warranty period. This is because of the carbon fiber infused core.
Hence, it is meant for heavy-duty use and leaves an aggressive overall hook.



DV8 PitBull Bite Bowling Ball


This Dv8 Pitbull Bite comes with a low RG core characteristic of Pitbull. It performs extremely well on the lane. It comes with a composite fang cover stock and offers high hook potential as well.

The 1500 Grit Siaair micro pad is what the ball is finished with. It is also known for the excellent performance it offers in heavy oil conditions. It offers the most aggressive motion at present. You can also expect some excellent midline action here.

The ball also comes with a low RG rate. Hence, the ball has high friction which is responsible for its smooth roll as well. It also has an asymmetric core. This means that it works well both on heavy oil and medium oil lane conditions.

The ball also is compatible with bowlers of any level. It is because it comes in five different sizes. It ranges from 12 lbs. to 16 lbs. Hence, bowlers across various ages can go ahead and bowl their hearts out.
It also offers one of the best low hook and back end performance as well.



Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball


Pyramid has tested its products and has proven them through lifelong bowlers who have used them. This is one of the most affordable options that allow for a great hook shot. Despite being a budget buy, it does not disappoint as a good ball for hook potential.

It comes with pyramid technology. It is made to accommodate the variables in the world of bowling that are under constant change. The ball speed, rev rate, and lane condition are the variables that are subject to constant change.

This ball works to suit all of these conditions well. It is a bowling ball that is great for a bowler. It can also be treated as the best bowling ball for beginner bowlers because of its subtle learning hook. The pyramid path rising can be used by a two-handed bowler or even a stroker.

It is great for medium lanes conditions. Bowlers can also use in medium-dry lane conditions. It also has medium flare potential. It is also a solid reactive bowl that will keep bowlers satisfied.



Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball For Hook


The coverstock on this bowling ball has a swirl of five interesting colors. This Brunswick reactive resin ball has Mexico as its country of origin. The coverstock is also solid reactive to allow for length and good back end motion. The coverstock is Reactive Pearl.

It will also prove light on your pocket. Whether there are oil lanes or dry lanes, this reactive resin ball bowls well without extreme sensitivity. It is also put together very well and is good for entry-level use. It is one of the best bowling ball that is recommended for beginner use as well.

If you are trying to fine-tune and develop your book beginners shot, this is the right ball for you. It is also great for anyone in a straight shot setup. It is also great for any advanced bowlers who often find oil patterns sopping because of using multiple times.

Do note that it is not porous as the other reactive resin balls offered by Brunswick. Hence, it may not be as responsive as many other balls in the market. It also has a light bulb core. This reactive resin bowling ball also has good flare potential that the core cuts into and also provides excellent lane length.



Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball For Hook


This Hammer Black Widow Legend bowling ball uses a hybrid coverstock. This is an excellent option for heavy oil lanes. If you are a bowler who prefers oil lanes, the black widow legend is the ball for you.

The Hammer Black Widow also allows for a great hook in an oily lane condition. It also has a great gas mask core which is the part that is wrapped with the NBT hybrid coverstock. It also comes with a 1000 grit Abarlon finish. It is perfect to provide the right durability under all bowling conditions.

This is one of the bowling ball options that is a favorite of elite players everywhere. You can expect a great hook and excellent length as you go bowling. However, do note that this is not the best option for bowling on a dry lane.

This Black Widow ball is great for heavy-duty use and many people opt for it because of its excellent durability. It also has a massive backend midlane. The Black Widow is sure to impress when you bowl.



Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball


The ball has some beautiful swirls of color that are sure to get you noticed as you bowl. It comes with a GPS navigational solid coverstock which also has a 2000 grit Abralon finish. It is perfect for medium lanes where it gives the right benchmark motion.

The drilling options are versatile as well. Hence, people of various bowling styles can opt for this ball. It is a great option for medium-heavy oil lanes. You can expect an excellent hook shot here.

It also gives you a much stronger reaction than you can expect from the Pathogen. This Pyramid Antidote bowling ball also comes with a high RG differential core which allows for maximum flare potential as well. You can also expect a quick reaction as you bowl. You can use monster foam to clean this and get it tidy and moving.

The core is this ball is a high-density ceramic core. It will also help you do a great hook. It offers good entry-level performance. The ball is symmetrical and can get the right angle into the pocket. Hence, it leads to a good strike.



Motiv Trident Nemesis Bowling Ball


This is the new Motiv Trident Nemesis that is an angular and asymmetric ball. It comes in a high-volume pearl reactive cover technology. It also comes in a Sidewinder asymmetric weight block design.

Hence, it makes for a good option for medium to heavy oil lane. It also allows for powerful and excellent continuation. It also has great backend motion. This ball with the weight block design looks excellent both on the lane and off of it.

It has a deep teal and black pearl body that looks aesthetic. This coverstock looks great and performs very well simultaneously. The weight block expands the range and gives drillers better control over the movement of the ball.

It keeps up the down lane motion while handling heavier oil conditions in the lane as well. It also goes ahead to create the right angle for any bowler. It is very fast as well and leaves you with good volume.
It works with the friction to give you this characteristic high speed.

You can also drill the pin with no hole. You will be able to move left as well as open with the ball quite easily.



Storm Phaze III Bowling Ball


This ball is made with a velocity core. In addition to this, it is also made of R3S Hybrid. Together, these make this bowling ball give you excellent performance and a great hook as well. Hence, it also makes a great option for hook beginners. It is one of the best bowling ball options that offer a tough body for a great game.

It was a reactive hybrid coverstock. The weight distribution on this is also the velocity core. It also has a grapevine fragrance on it that makes it a pleasant buy. It also has even backend reaction without keeping you worried about over-reaction.

Hence, it is one of the bowling ball for hook that provides the perfect balance for a beginner. It also has good hook potential. If you are using the bowling ball on a medium oil condition, the cover stock on it blends the transitions very well.

It can be curved on waxed lanes and will also go just where you direct it. The best part about this is that it is a bowling ball that is great for all lane conditions.



Brunswick Twist Bowling Ball


If you want to be able to play well on a dry lane, this is the perfect ball for you. It is a good option for a beginner and a good bowling ball for hook beginners looking to build their skills as well. However, a person of any skill level can use this ball.

It comes at an affordable price and has a good coverstock for the money. This Brunswick Twist is a tame ball that does not do too well on oil. However, you will be able to manage a good hook shot with this. It has a mild cover the flare is lower as well.

Hence, it is not made to cover the release mistakes like many other balls do. The ball is great to look at. It has an excellent and smooth finish as well. When you go bowling, you can expect eyes on you with its aesthetic body.

It is also one of the best predictable and consistent bowling balls. It skids when it hits oil but leaves an excellent finish when it is dry.



Pyramid Pathogen Bowling Ball


This bowling ball has an excellent coverstock which is the GPS navigational solid cover stock. Similar to other Pyramid balls, it has the factory polish finish.

It also gives you good benchmark motion for medium lanes. It also comes with various drilling options so that it suits many of the bowling styles available. It also comes with a new ERA 139 symmetric core.

It has been specially designed to find the perfect angle to the pocket. It also comes with a medium flare potential as well. You will get good length with this Pyramid Pathogen bowling ball. It also leaves a smooth reaction on your ball.

Do note that this ball does not come pre-drilled and you will have to do this yourself. The ball is also quite interesting for bowling because it glows under UV light. With this ball on your side, you will also be able to control your bowling game very well.



Ebonite Bowling Choice Ball


This is a high-performance option added to the Ebonite line. This Ebonite Choice ball pairs the GSV 1 hybrid with cover stock with the Mod-1 asymmetrical weight block. When used in oil, it has a strong hook. In a dry condition, it makes a strong move and leaves a ball with a large amount of hook potential.

Hence, it is a versatile bowling ball that works just as well on both condition areas. It comes with a dull box finish that allows it to reach the pocket just right. It works very well in the backend and the midlane as well.

It also comes with excellent ball motion.



Pyramid Pathogen X Bowling Ball (Enjoy Excellent Hook Shot)


This ball has one of the best bowling balls for performance due to its GPS navigational cover stock. It shows good hook potential and the ball is great for flip motion. It also has a much better backend reaction compared to its older versions.

It comes in a bright orange body that is sure to impress. It eliminates over/under and works on the midlane very well. It is a good option for a bowling ball for hook. It also has medium flare potential.

It is an excellent ball for a beginner. It is a versatile option and you will find it in various weights. It also moves well straight.



Features of a Best Bowling Ball With The Most Hook Potential

Each bowling ball comes with some features that make it a good one. Read ahead as we discuss what you should look for in a good bowling ball.

Cover Stock

The coverstock on a ball is what decides whether a ball has a low hook potential or a high one. You will find that polyester balls with a coverstock in this material are more hook beginners-friendly. They are suited more for straight shots and may have a low hook potential.

On the other hand, a urethane coverstock is known to be a great option for getting those hooks just right. For the best hook potential on oily and medium lanes, you should opt for a reactive resin coverstock. You can pick any coverstock you prefer to suit hook beginners or advanced options.


The core of a bowling ball can be asymmetrical or symmetrical in shape. Each distributes weight in a certain way and hence allows for differences in performance. A symmetrical core will be even all around one axis. You will find a marking at the center of the axis. This is called the pin.

These tend to be more predictable and are great for a hook beginners option. On the other hand, an asymmetrical core will have more weight distributed on one side as compared to the other. It is a good option for an advanced bowler.

Each is designed for a specific purpose and you can take your pick.

RG and Differential

The hook potential and construction of a bowling ball will depend on its RG and differential. RG refers to the radius of gyration The flare potential of the ball is decided by its RG differential. It is a number between 0.01 to 0.08.

The higher the number, the greater is the flare potential on the ball. 0.01 to 0.02 indicates a low potential while 0.021 to 0.04 indicates a medium level. A high potential is indicated by a range between 0.041 to 0.08.

Weight Block

A weight block is found just beneath the coverstock and can be of high or low mass. The high mass is a flat weight found near the coverstock. It provides a lot of length down the lane as you are bowling. It prevents the ball from occupying a heavy roll position.

On the other hand, the low mass option can be of any shape. It is placed at the center of the coverstock. It works to increase hook potential. Depending on your goals, you will have to pick the right weight block for your ball.


You will have to drill your ball just right to get the best performance out of it. If you cannot do your own, get an experienced bowler to do it for you. You can also use your fingertip grip for the best out of the bowling balls for hook while bowling.

Surface Grit

For oily conditions, you will have to opt for a rougher surface grit. This can be between 500 to 800 grit. On the other hand, if you are bowling on medium oily conditions, you can opt for 1000 or 2000 grit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about bowling balls for hook answered.

Hooking a bowling ball refers to the action of applying spin to a ball as it travels down the lane. This spin causes the bowling ball to change the direction or “hook” towards the pin. Mastering hooking is not as difficult as it sounds. Hooking can be achieved through implementing several techniques, such as using a specific grip or releasing the ball at a certain angle.

In bowling, hooking can be a great asset for a bowler if done properly. Hooking is better than straight shot for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that it can create more power and accuracy and obtain more pin carry. Additionally, hooking can allow for greater ball control and help a bowler to avoid splits more often.

Solid reactive coverstocks are known for their high coefficient of friction, which allows for earlier hooking and a reduction in energy as the ball travels down the lane. This is in contrast to pearl coverstocks, which have a lower coefficient of friction and tend to provide a smoother, less aggressive motion.

One of the key benefits of solid reactive coverstocks is that they offer a more aggressive hook potential, which is ideal for bowlers looking to create a strong, powerful motion. This can be especially useful for bowlers who are looking to create a lot of back-end reaction on the lane, as the higher coefficient of friction allows for more energy to be transferred to the ball.

A professional bowler prefers using reactive resin on their bowling balls for the best hook. This may mean that the urethane coverstock on the ball is infused with particles of resin. Depending on the bowling conditions and styles of a professional bowler, he or she may vary this.

Hence, Brunswick bowling balls may be an option considered by professional bowlers. Further, they may opt for balls that are 15 pounds and 16 pounds in weight. The hammer rip d solid is also a popular choice.

There are a few ways in which you can make your bowling ball hook more. You can alter the coverstock to make it duller and add texture to its surface as well. You can also go ahead and use a grit pad for good friction in oily conditions. Another option is to opt for balls with a coverstock of reactive resin.

These also tend to be more aggressive and will leave a much better hook than others. Change your ball as you prefer in competitions as well.

Urethane is a type of coverstock used in bowling balls that is known for its durability and superior hook potential. Compared to plastic coverstocks, urethane offers more friction between the ball and the lane surface, allowing for a higher hook potential. Additionally, urethane tends to deflect less on the lane, resulting in improved pin action. These properties make urethane a popular choice among bowlers looking for a coverstock that can withstand wear and tear and provide consistent performance.

Wrapping Up

There is nothing like a good hook to put some extra fun back into your bowling game. To hook better, all you have to do is get a ball that is specifically designed for hooking performance. It will make you deliver better as you bowl.

You will also have to ensure that your skills match perfectly with the ball that you are picking. If you are a beginner, pick up bowling balls suited for newbies. This will guide you progressively into developing your hooking skills.

Use our reviews above to compare and contrast and find your best match. With this, you will be improving your bowling game in no time. From the hammer black widow to ebonite choice, we have reviewed many options for you.

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