Best Bowling Wrist Support 2021 – (Buyer’s Guide)


Everybody loves to go bowling with friends from time to time. Without even being a professional, persistence helps you score. Of course, things might not go as you had planned. You might miss all the pins and overworked your wrist – but that’s part of the process.

In my case, I had to get a cast later too, but more on that later. Lesson learned, now moving on to greater things: bowling wrist support. It doesn’t matter if you are a simple beginner or a World level bowler; having proper wrist support is a vital part of preparing for bowling.

Momentum and wrist strength equates the accomplishment gained. However, one can never compromise when it comes to quality. So here is some best bowling wrist support you might want to get before hitting the alley.

In a hurry? Take a look at our top 3 best bowling wrist support below…

  • High-quality Made
  • Outstanding Rev Control
  • Easy to Adjust and Comfortable to Wear
  • Suitable for Sensitive Wrists
  • Adjust Your Roll and Spin On the Ball
  • For Light to Medium Lane Oil Conditions
Editor's Choice
  • Soft Foam Material
  • Lightweight
  • Fast and Easy to Put on
  • Keep Your Wrist Under control
  • Ensure Secure and Comfortable Fit
  • Fits Well and has Great Circulation
  • Different Sizes
  • Fits Really Well
  • Recommended by Bowling Pros
  • Let You Perform Smooth Hook
  • Designed for Consistent Roll
  • Better Lift through Proper Thumb Release
Product NameColorSize(US)Hand OrientationMaterialSee Details
Kool KontrolBlackS/M/L/XLBothNeopreneCheck Latest Price
Mongoose LifterBlack/Camo/PinkXS/S/M/L/XLRightSynthetic FabricCheck Latest Price
Storm Xtra-HookBlackM/LBothNeopreneCheck Latest Price
Brunswick BionicBlueS/M/L/XLRightAluminumCheck Latest Price
Robby's Rev IISleek BlueS/M/L/XLRightDuraluminumCheck Latest Price
Mongoose OptimumBlack/Camo/PinkS/M/LRightSynthetic FabricCheck Latest Price
Storm NeopreneBlackM/LBothNeopreneCheck Latest Price

Recommended Best Bowling Wrist Support in 2021

Bowling is fun – be it a seasoned veteran or one in the making. Proper gear is essential in any sport before starting, particularly for beginners. Ultimately, the comfort zone dictates a lot.

However, eventually, you will be choosing the best bowling wrist support for hook or lift based on how you feel right.

Kool Kontrol bowling Wrist Positioner

The first product we are going to talk about is the Kool Kontrol bowling wrist positioner. This wrist positioner has a unique set of fabrics specifically designed to enhance comfort and functionality.

It achieves this by providing breathable fabric, leaving no chance for those pesky slippery, sweaty hands to ruin your game. The gloved design, along with the Velcro straps makes for some really stylistic appearance.

All the while still manages to deliver exceptional wrist support with metal supports on the front and the back. As far as keeping the wrist in place go, you won’t have to worry with this positioner. Coming off loose is not an option as it comes with three Velcro straps. They hold the positioner securely in place throughout the session.

Like all products, everything has a contrite and excellent feature. The Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner is not an exception to that, so here are a few pros and cons of this product.


  • Great material and sturdy design, exceptional support
  • Comfortable, with proper breathable and flexible fabric that allows proper perspiration
  • Very affordable for the product quality
  • Comfort and performance-oriented feels and performs great
  • Can be used for other wrist involving activities as well without any discomfort


  • The metal braces might get damaged, bend or broken to external damages
  • The durability of the product is not very impressive
  • No product warranty
  • The fitting can be a bit of a hassle

Mongoose Lifter Bowler Wrist Band with support brace for right hand

What is the primary purpose of wrist support? Providing proper and sturdy support when bowling, of course. The motion you take when bowling can be quite tricky.

Add to that the speed and the momentum, along with the weight of the bowling ball, and it is not an easy task to sustain a proper form. It throws you off balance, and worst-case scenario you might get your wrist injured.

The Lifter bowler wrist band by Mongoose aims to solve this problem entirely. By providing a sturdy wrist band that helps you achieve a consistent form. It does this by allowing a comfortable thumb release and helping achieve better rolls.

This bowling wrist brace comes with soft fabric on the inside with a rigid backhand support brace for maximum efficiency. Ideal for both professionals and beginners alike, the essential function of this wrist band is to help teach you how to position and maintain your hand when bowling. It accomplishes this task with exceptional efficiency.


  • Simple, elegant, and effective.
  • The wrist band is straightforward to put on and is comfortable to work in once used to.
  • Stylistic and very durable
  • Alignment and lifting made easy with the support brace
  • Perfectly absorbs sweat and keeps hand dry


  • It can take you a while to get used to, especially for starters
  • Wrist strap size is too small most of the time
  • The single strap support for the fingers can be inconvenient
  • Materials aren't very impressive

The Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support

Cheap things can’t be trusted. But that certainly is not the case with the Storm Xtra-Hook wrist support. This product can be subjective to an individual’s needs and preference, however.

Here is a very affordable set of wrist braces that focuses on these core necessities of bowling: Increasing Axis Rotation, Lift increase, adjustability, practicality, and comfort.

The Storm Xtra-hook comes with sturdy materials, an extended Index finger strap, and velcro straps for adjusting. It is ideal for those who want to increase their scores by further perfecting their form. This product also comes with a backhand plate that ensures proper wrist form maintenance.

This wrist support is excellent for people with injured hands or unstable fingers. It keeps the fingers well supported and free from too much stress. So, if you want to hit the alley after a hard day’s work, you will be pleased to see this support in your bag pack.


  • Great for stress-free bowling sessions
  • Increases the lift, provides great backhand support
  • Index finger strap helps increase axis rotation
  • Very affordable, great material and exceedingly durable
  • Lightweight comes with Velcro straps for the best fit


  • It is not built like a glove, resulting in the straps getting loose
  • Does not absorb sweat, not ideal for long sessions
  • It feels too bulky
  • The wrist support does not stay in place at times

Brunswick Bionic Wrist Positioner - Right Hand

Sometimes, being stylistic does not mean impractical, certainly not in this case. If you are one of those bowlers who want proper form and positioning, but with added flair and gloss, then the Brunswick bionic wrist positioner is going to be a good fit. So what makes this product stand out?

Well, apart from its Stylish, metallic looks, the Bionic Wrist Positioner provides excellent support when rolling that ball. It is designed for delivering a sturdy roll, made with highly durable aluminum construction on the exterior.

This gives a sturdy, durable, & lightweight wrist brace that offers exceptional performance and appearance. This product also comes with multiple options for lateral positions and wrist cups. But the best part of all is that you look like you have a bionic arm, cannot forget that.

It also comes in an extended finger variant and is an ideal product for the seasoned players, and the positioner comes with soft and comfortable form layers that improve comfort significantly. 


  • Straps are adjustable and can be done so without taking it off.
  • Sleek aluminum layering provides excellent durability
  • Foamy interiors for maximum comfort
  • Sturdy support against Wrist pain
  • Helps players slow down, achieve better lifts and accurate shots.


  • It can decrease your hook capabilities
  • It can be a very annoying chore to put on with the complicated metal pieces the straps attach to
  • Velcro quality isn’t impressive, and comes loose often
  • Lack of practical instructions

Robby’s Rev II Right Hand

Simple, effective, and reliable; this is Robby’s Rev ll Right-hand wrist bowling support. Sure, having a lot of features and being switch between options is always welcome when it comes to utility. But we all know that it is not maximum features that are important.

The Robby’s Rev ll right-hand wrist support stands out for one specific feature, which is the increased rev control. Now for new bowlers, this might not mean much, but the rev rate in the world of bowling pins is significant.

Apart from that, it also comes with a convenient buckle attached tension knob at the back, which makes adjusting the wrist support much more straightforward.

Of course, there will be many positives and negatives to this product. Let us look at a few pros and cons of this product.


  • Simple adjustment, easy to put on
  • Improves hook shots, increases rev with four forward wrist cup
  • Sturdy, does not loosen with the adjustable handy knob buckle
  • Comfortable interior provides a firm grip, left and right articulation ideal for oiled lanes
  • Attractive design and durable material (Light aluminum)
  • Lightweight bowling wrist support


  • Extra Index finger space is inconvenient, does not fit most of the time
  • Could use more features
  • Restricts the ability to stretch fingers around the ball, not ideal for side spans
  • The exterior can end up feeling like a cast

Mongoose Optimum bowling support brace (right hand)

Mongoose makes it to this list again with the optimum bowling support brace. The “Mongoose Optimum Bowling Support Brace” is a well-balanced wrist support for any bowlers. It is designed to fit both lifter and equalizer bowling styles.

The Optimum Bowling Support comes with an impressive design that breaks and forms to your hands, ultimately creating a custom adjusted shape. It also provides fantastic support keeping your wrist straight.

The straps are optional, so you can use the brace without having to wrap them around your fingers- Depending on whether or not you are a stroker, of course. The materials are comfort-oriented, making sure that your fingers do the lifting.

This product also allows a very convenient thumb release, effectively providing better lifts and rolls for maximum results.  Furthermore, this is also an excellent brace for people starting out to practice forms and flexibility in the alley.


  • Flexible, custom size adjustable making for a perfect fit
  • Comfortable and high-quality material
  • Great options when it comes to adjusting with the style of bowling
  • Lightweight, proper thumb release, can be used with or without finger straps
  • Designed to provide better lift


  • Could strain your wrist for the first few days
  • Loose stitching in some areas
  • Not ideal for long term durability
  • The back aluminum plate not very durable breaks after a short while

Storm Neoprene Wrist support

At times, sticking to the basics is perfect, such has been proven by the Storm Neoprene Wrist Support. This simple wrist band is designed to support the wrist when bowling.

Now, the Storm neoprene Wrist support is an exceptional gear, because it merely embraces simplicity. It comes with added support for decreasing strain and pain, and large Velcro straps that keep the brace in place without compromising on comfort.

It comes in a simple form: an adjustable rubber backing to keep the brace in place, thus minimizing comfort and fitting issues. It is also over-tightening proof, so you don’t have to worry about this wrist brace chocking your wrist.

It is of simple design, does what it is meant to do and saves you a lot of free space for maneuvering, is ideal for seasoned bowlers.

But of course there are always praises and complaints, so here are a few pros and cons of the Storm neoprene wrist support.


  • No hassle, simple and easy to put on and take off
  • Reduces decent strain on the wrist when bowling
  • Very cheap, high-quality material, simple and effective design
  • Fits perfectly for most sizes
  • Extremely lightweight and portable to carry
  • The ideal choice for seasoned Bowlers


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Not ideal for slippery and sweaty hands
  • No complete backhand support
  • Back support is not very effective

Things To Consider Before Buying a Bowling Wrist Brace:

Comfort: The critical consideration you need to look at is a comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing wrist support, chances are you will not be able to perform.

Note that, best wrist brace always prioritizes on comfort, and the key is to have proper support by not ruining how you feel wearing a wrist support brace. Some things that determine comfort could be looked at as:

  • The material of (mainly) the interior of the gloves or bracelets.
  • How well it would fit on your hand and if it is convenient removing or putting on the product
  • The flexibility of the material

Uses: Depending on where you are on the efficiency scale, it is essential to look at the wrist braces accordingly. Of course, the design of the wrist braces play an indispensable role, so that is one factor you should look at as well.

Whether you are looking for Wrist support to improve your lift, rev rate, or hook plays a functional role in picking the best wrist support for better bowling experience.

Quality: Now quality can depend on a number of things. Materials, practicality, comfort, everything depends on how good the quality is, but ultimately you are looking for the best experience.

The feel of the product, the durability of it, how long it lasts, and how much longer it retains that quality of comfort.

There are many mediocre products out there so it can get a bit tricky, so following reviews, looking up customer feedback and the quality ratings could help you find high-quality wrist support.

Flexibility: This is quite obvious. Some products are so tightly packed, it restricts movement and flexibility, which is not ideal for any bowling event.

Of course, your wrist hanging back is not a good thing when you consider form, but minimal freedom of movement should be examined. If you don’t have that freedom, you will have a hard time adjusting to the wrist support that you are wearing.

Other Considerations to be Looked at:

  • There are a few tiny details that end up being more a nuisance than convenience, so you might want to look for more straightforward wrist support, one which hopefully comes with some sort of manual.
  • You might not want to go for a bowling wrist brace that is heavy on you, although some are unarguably handy in helping you deliver slow, timed accurate shots.
  • It is ideal to have a backhand support plate if you are starting out, but if you are seasoned, a simple support wrist band will suffice.

Final Verdict

The items listed above are suggestions you can start with. Well, of course, not all of them would be the best bowling wrist support for you, but you might just find what you are looking for.

I personally prefer minimalist gear with less hassle, and it leaves me with enough freedom to maneuver between shots, and of course, that is what this review is all about.

The listed items are certainly worth trying out, so follow this guide, and you will do great.

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