Top 5 Best Spare Bowling Balls in 2023


We bring you a list of the best spare bowling balls in 2023 to make shopping easier for you. There are plenty of choices available. So, it might appear slightly confusing when it comes to choosing an extra bowling ball. Do not ignore the details simply because it is just a spare. 

You never know when you might need that ball to save you from a critical juncture in your game. Choose something that comes in an optimal weight. You can also give importance to the styling. Whether you are new to bowling or an experienced player here are the choices that suit everyone.

Best Spare Bowling Balls Comparison Table

Product NameColorWeights (lb)CoverstockFactory FinishCoreSee Details
Ebonite MaximPurple Haze8, 12, 14-16Polyester800/800/1000/2000 Abralon W/Powerhouse/Factory Finish PolishPancakeCheck Latest Price
Hammer Black Widow SpareBlue/Orange/Smoke12-16Polyester800/1000/2000 Abralon w/Factory Finish PolishGas Mask (Asymmetric)Check Latest Price
Brunswick T-Zone Patriot BlazePatriot Blaze (Mix of Red/White/Blue)6, 8, 9-14, 16Plastic/PolyesterHigh Gloss PolishTZone Bullet (Symmetric)Check Latest Price
DV8 Zombie SpareBullet10, 12, 14-16PolyesterHigh Gloss Polish-Check Latest Price
Storm Ice StormBlue/White10-16Polyester3500-Grit PolishedTraditional 3-Piece Pancake Core (Symmetric)Check Latest Price

Recommended Best Spare Bowling Balls Reviews

When you choose a versatile ball, you can use it in different lane conditions. These are going to be high-performance balls that save your spare shots. Irrespective of your position in the game, these balls can do justice to your shots. 

Thus, here is a comprehensive list to choose from based on the aesthetics and materials used to make great spare bowling balls to up your game factor.

1. Ebonite Maxim

Versatility in every aspect makes this a top choice on our list. Teens, women, men with a slim physique all find the 6lb variant to be easy to use. Featuring a 3-piece core design, this is a performance-oriented spare bowling ball. 

The polyester cover stock has a glossy finish that looks chic. In the looks segment, this one scores high with a host of color choices to pick from. With its good looks, this ball can improve your game altogether. This is the best polyester bowling ball that suits every strike style. 

Beginners who need something light and easy to handle find this to be an efficient choice. You also get to choose a weight option that matches your requirements. The versatility of this ball makes it suitable for all types of players and also for oiled and dry lanes. 

Simple construction, stylish looks, and sensible performance enhancement make this an easy spare ball choice.



2. Hammer Black Widow Spare

If you need the best polyester ball for spare shooting with consistent rolls, then this one works well. With a lightweight polyester cover stock, this one feels solid to roll. It goes the distance without being bulky. For all those troublesome lanes where you need good control, the stable cores come handy.

Core-based motion helps you understand your ball better. With this, you can pick this spare confidently, knowing exactly how it would roll. Without many hooks, it delivers a straight reaction no matter how you throw. Light oil conditions are the best suited for this ball.

With its asymmetric core design, it is a high-performance spare. You would, therefore, benefit from the roll if you throw slow. It is a particularly delightful ball for those who have a high rev rate.

Designed for light oil lane, it also rolls well on dry lanes. However, on the dry lanes, there is a subtle hook to the ball.



3. Brunswick T-Zone Patriot Blaze

T-Zone is the kind of spare that you can pick without the guilt of shelling out the big bucks. The affordable price tag should not fool you, for this is a consistent performer. A couple of practice sessions with the ball and you can easily predict its trajectory.

With an attractive, radiant finish, the ball also offers a good grip. Beginners and the pros can all benefit from this ball during leisure matches and for straight rolls. Flatter, straighter spares are easy to achieve every single time. The weight of the ball is distributed just right to give accurate control.

There are different cores used in different weight options. The lightest weight option available makes the range suitable even for the younger players. T-Zone helps improve overall game performance and feel.



4. DV8 Zombie Spare Bowling Ball

Spooky design on the outside, a high-performance core on the inside, this is the best plastic bowling ball for spares. Practical and consistent balls are easy to come by in DV8 collection. The Zombie Spare is no different! The polyester cover stock helps cut down the weight.

Reasonably light, this ball helps deliver straight shots. Non-reactive material on the outside keeps the ball in a straight trajectory. Beginners, average players, and professionals all find this to be a convenient spare.

The ball comes without the finger holes like most others in the segment. You can easily get them drilled to suit your needs. Available in different sizes or weight options, this is easy to control spare. Shots feel dead straight and precise with most of the strike patterns.

Irrespective of how you throw, the ball rolls smoothly on all types of lanes.



5. Storm Ice Storm

With a hardness that gives stable shots, this is a predictable performance spare bowling ball. Coming from a brand that makes high-performance balls, this one is mainly for recreational bowling. It, therefore, makes a great choice for spare shooting.

Also, for the times where a consistent straight shot would be good, Ice Storm makes a good choice. Reasonably priced, this is a moderate weight ball for smooth rolls. It doesn’t show traction even on dry lanes. Therefore, it finishes with nearly the same power as you deliver. This makes it possible to fine-tune your focus and sweep all the left-out pins.

You get to choose from different weight options ranging from 10lbs to 16lbs. Ice Storm comes with a low flare potential, which makes it a dependable choice for dry lane conditions. With this also comes the benefit of low hooking towards the end of the lane.



Factors to Consider Before Buying a Spare Bowling Ball

1. Budget

Most people do not want to spend a huge sum on a spare ball. There are matches where you might not use them throughout. However, these might be critical in taking some spare shots. Given that spare balls are used rarely, it is better to choose affordable ones. The options presented on our list are all reasonably priced for the performance they deliver.

2. Weight options

Picking an ideal weight means that you choose a ball that you can control better. Bodyweight and physique of the player should also be kept in focus while deciding on the weight. Some spares are available as lightweight choices as low as 3lb. 

These can be used by female players who are new to the game or even teens. Not everyone is fond of lightweight choices. For them, there are the heavier ones above 15lbs.

3. Recommended lane conditions

The ideal lane condition for the ball is one where the ball rolls as promised. Even the best spare bowling balls do not consistently roll the same way on all lanes. Some are suitable for dry lanes and some for oiled ones. 

There are some balls that deliver slightly similar results on all lane conditions. Low flare potential balls are best suited for dry lanes. Most of the spare bowling balls are designed for straight shots. 

These come with low flare and medium flare in some cases. Therefore, you would be able to use them confidently on dry lanes. Medium flare options can also work on lightly oiled lanes. 

There are hardcover stock options in some balls, while the weight is maintained low. These are better suited for oiled lanes with their good traction.

4. Durability

The durability of the ball from the inside out is another crucial factor. How good is the ball in withstanding scratches? Does it stay as good as a new ball for days together? A lot depends here on the finish of the ball. 

Then comes the material consideration. A plastic spare bowling ball is the most common choice. These are often designed to be light, with the ability to deliver straight shots. When you have to take that spare shot, you can tap into the straightness of these balls. 

However, not all of them can take heavy drops on the lane. Some show scratches easily while others crack on the cover stock. The area around the finger holes is prone to easy cracking.

Other considerations

i) The presence of finger holes is another factor to look into. Not all of them come with pre-drilled holes. You have to take the ball to a fitter for drilling custom holes.

ii) The core design is something that determines the roll. There are lightweight cores that roll without traction and heavy cores that feel easy to control.

Final Verdict

Ebonite Maxim is an all-rounder that brings a big bang for your buck. Being quite durable, it can become your go-to spare bowling balls. From the styling consideration to the budget, we have consolidated this list based on various parameters. 

Not all of these balls are suitable for left-handed players. Know your swing style, speed of delivery, and lane condition before you choose the ball. With this, you would be able to sweep off all those pins, even the tricky corner ones. The straightness of these spare balls makes them accurate, and the plastic cover keeps the weight low.

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