Bowling is a sport that anybody can be good at.  It doesn’t matter how young or old you are; whether you’re a man or a woman, short or tall, everyone has a shot.

Enjoyed by many people, expert and novice alike, bowling is one of those things that the more you play it, the more fun it becomes.  And let’s not forget, it has a way of unleashing anyone’s competitive side. 

Even if your ball gutters like a bad habit, you just want to keep playing until you become good at it.  To a spectator, it might seem just a matter of getting the ball straight in order to knock over the pins. Bowling is more than that.

When you try to learn the sport, you will realize that it’s not just delivering the heaviest ball with flair.  It takes technique and skill to be playing the game at a high level.  You get to know about hooking, oil patterns, hitting spares, pin carry, etc.

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