Top 6 Best Bowling Ball Cleaners in 2023


Bowling is one sport that most people often do for fun while some take it to a competitive level. A strike never fails to leave spectators in awe, bringing them to applause in unison. On the other hand, there’s always boisterous laughter whenever your bowling ball lands on either side of the gutter.

Most of us who play bowling to pass the time will only focus on how to knock down the pins. That said, the last thing a casual bowler would think about is which best bowling ball cleaner to use before or after a session with friends or family.

If you can’t seem to catch a break, you will only blame how bad you are, which may be the case for many casual bowlers. Little did you know that lack of maintenance can contribute to an “off” game as well.

You might wonder why we are turning the spotlight on ball cleaning and why must a bowling ball have a specialized cleaning product in the first place. Can’t you place it under running water, and throw in some alcohol perhaps? After all, it’ll do the job regardless. 

But if you’re serious in taking good care of your bowling ball, you have to reconsider your options.

You see, your bowling ball may be hard and invincible, but it takes a lot of beating with each use. It accumulates dirt and oil given the constant throws and hooks that are part of the game.  It’s not your fault, though, and besides, it comes with the territory. 

However, most bowling lanes are oil-laded all the time.  And with the bowling balls coming into contact with them every so often, oil is inadvertently transferred as a result, which can reduce its efficacy if left unchecked.

Cleaning Your Balls

A bowling ball cleaner should be in every bowler’s arsenal, may he be a professional or recreational player. Not only does it keep your ball shiny and hygienic, which goes beyond cleaning to preserve it in tiptop shape.

Using a quality bowling ball cleaner prolongs the lifespan by improving the durability of your ball. It even increases its consistency, helping you get the most out of your game. With many choices available, the question is, which bowling ball cleaner should you buy?


Top 6 Best Bowling Ball Cleaners Of Our Choice

At this point, you may have started to pay attention and have realized that you should not take your bowling ball for granted. Proper maintenance is a must in any case, and the right bowling ball cleaner for your needs is something that you should consider, especially if you want to take your game to greater heights. 

I’ve scoured the market and picked out 6 of the ultimate bowling ball cleaners that will help you get the job done.

1. Monster Tac Bowling Ball Cleaner

The Monster Tac Bowling Ball Cleaner promises to be tough on dirt and debris by making sure your ball has achieved a deep cleaning with every use.  It ensures your bowling ball is in peak condition to help you maintain its consistency with every shot.

It is comforting to know that this cleaner is approved by the USBC, giving you enough confidence in this product. The spray-type bottle facilitates application, avoiding messy routines so that it will not be a burdensome task for you like it typically would.

This bowling ball cleaner performed according to expectations when I road-tested it myself. I like the fact that it glides on the ball surface and wipes it clean. You can do it as often as your OC self wants it. But if we’re talking heavy oil tracks, I must say it leaves much to be desired; you’d probably need to reapply it repeatedly to melt it off.

On the other hand, you will love this product for being green, somehow given its environmentally-friendly ingredients that your lane and surroundings will want to thank you for later. Your bowling ball will manage to always look “spanking-new” for as long you take care of it using this monster of a cleaner.

The price is quite unbeatable, giving you more bang for your buck so that you will no longer have an excuse to skip your bowling ball maintenance. Although it may not exactly be the ultimate benchmark of cleanliness, overall, the Monster Tac Bowling Ball Cleaner pretty much checks off your list of what you want in a cleaning agent.



2. Storm Reacta Shine Reactive Bowling Cleaner

In the realm of reactive balls, this is one cleaner that stands out. When tackiness is what you require, the Storm Reacta Shine Reactive Polish & Cleaner will not disappoint because that’s what it will exactly give you.

When your bowling ball regains its tacky feel from the Reacta treatment, it can increase your hook potential. What is so amazing about this cleaner is that even plastic balls can benefit from it and have some tackiness themselves.

And if oily tracks are significant issues, you can count on the bowling ball cleaner. The best bowling ball polish it provides makes the ball roll much better and give it a spin that it deserves.

On the flippant side, the bottle looks like a bowling pin, appeals right away to the buyer. But don’t worry, it’s more than just being attractive, this product truly delivers. When continuously applied during a game, your ball will not only be smoother but also helps it regain momentum.

The one thing that bugs me about this cleaner is its availability in a small four-ounce bottle. It means you will have to buy it every so often because it can only last with you for a short time, especially if you’re regularly playing.



3. Storm Reacta Foam Bowling Ball Cleaner

The Storm Reacta Foam Bowling Ball Cleaner comes in foamy substance, which means you maximize the product so that it can go a long way. I apply it straight to where the belt marks and stubborn oils are, and they disappear after just a few wipes. You will not complain about it being a messy affair because it’s hassle-free.

This cleaner does not only give your ball a quick sprucing up, but it also restores its tacky qualities, which some players will prefer. What’s more, it comes with a bonus of polish that gives your ball a subtle sheen to it.

Its long-lasting use combined with a reasonable price, this foamy cleaner is a must-have in every recreational or competitive player’s kit.



4. Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner

The Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner attracts average bowlers and pros alike. Given the biodegradable components of this cleaner, it has the USBC nod, which means, even the most active and highly competitive bowlers can get a lot out of this product.

While it is not a perfect cleaner, you’ll be satisfied with how it’s able to give your bowling ball a good wash. You might need to let out a few sprays to get rid of those nasty oil rings on the ball surface. You get the assurance that your coverstock remains intact such that your ball remains brand new-looking.

It’s great that it comes in a larger size for better value, so you don’t have to buy all too frequently. However, the smell can be an issue for some people, but otherwise, I give this product a thumbs up.



5. Purple Stuff Bowling Ball Cleaner

The Purple Stuff Bowling Ball Cleaner helps restore the original tacky surface of your ball such that it will look as if it is straight out of the box purchase. Among the cleaners I’ve tried, this seems the most effective in bringing back your bowling ball to its default specs.

The only pitfall of this cleaner is the chemicals used to dissolve the oily buildup; otherwise, I will recommend to any serious bowler looking to perform their best.



6. Neo-Tac Hook It Bowling Ball Cleaner

The Neo-Tac Hook It Bowling Ball Cleaner is not necessarily the best out there. Nonetheless, I have included it in this list because it is very affordable for a product that removes grime without issue. 

It works well on those nasty marks your ball might have on the surface. But if you are playing on heavily-oiled lanes, you might want to consider other options mentioned earlier.



Things To Know Before Buying a Bowling Ball Cleaner

I have stressed the importance of getting a cleaner catered to bowling balls, but you might still be on the fence just yet. As such, here are the things you need to know about getting the right bowling ball cleaner.

It impacts your performance

It’s one thing to throw your ball improperly, and another to be oblivious to its cleaning needs. While improving your game takes a lot of practice, you can address the issue of cleanliness right off the bat. When you leave your ball as is after each game, you will notice over time that its shape changes. 

It may have less hooking maneuvers, and its straight throw would waver, which would have otherwise been an easy shot. It would seem that your playing angles would have changed when it was just that your ball is too dirty to perform up to par.

It’s not that expensive, you know

While bowling balls can get pricey themselves, their cleaning products don’t have to be. Although you will encounter some bowling ball cleaners that are priced higher than you’re comfortable with depending on the brand, there are cheaper options that will give your ball a good scrub just the same. 

They would typically come in different sizes, but if you’re the type that engages in the sport frequently, it makes more practical sense to buy a big bottle. You can have a smaller refill version to keep handy in case of those spur-of-the-moment activities.

Pick one that is USBC-approved

It helps that your bowling ball cleaner has the USBC seal of approval, especially if you’re a pro. It is necessary at tournaments that are USBC-certified itself; otherwise, you get disqualified. The United States Bowling Congress is the only recognized body that is authorized to conduct testing on bowling products such as cleaners. 

Abrasive ingredients that have a high viscosity can change the texture of the bowling ball do not typically pass standards of the USBC, which will not be allowed in their certified competitions.

Get your ball cleaned according to use

The cleaning components make a difference with the polishing you want for your bowling ball. Some cleaners will address dirt and grime on the surface while others can remove the oil buildup. 

An emulsifying compound is ideal for the latter, especially with the lane oil that accumulates on the coverstock. While it is essential to condition the lanes, the oil impacts how your bowling ball performs quite negatively. With its porous surface, it will require frequent cleaning. 

That is why you will notice oil tracks on your bowling ball after several uses. Please note that there are cleaners that can manage to maintain the grippy feel of your ball even when it is good at stripping off the oil.

Don’t forget to care about the environment

Most cleaning agents can be harsh not only to your ball but also to the environment. You can already tell from the scent alone if there are harmful chemicals present. The overpowering smell from the cleaner used can even throw you off your game. 

Thankfully, you will find that there are biodegradable products that you can consider for that guilt-free ball maintenance. In any case, all cleaners should not be ingested, more particularly by children who will be prone to touching their eyes or face after coming into contact with the substance or compound.

Final Word

Yes, not all bowling ball cleaners are created alike. Depending on your specific requirements, I hope there is at least one product that I have indicated which can address your needs. Keep your ball sparkling clean and grippy and who knows, your game might be much better than you thought possible. It might well boost a positive bowling experience for you.

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