Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes in 2023

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Bowling is a worldwide popular sport. Just like any other game, even bowling requires the right equipment to improve your game. When it comes to bowling, the bowling ball is the most important equipment. In the second position, we have bowling shoes.

There are special types of shoes that are solely meant for bowling. If you are a professional bowler, having the best bowling shoes 2023 is a must.

There are different brands of bowling shoes available in the market. However, not all brands are good enough. With so many options available out there, it is natural to get confused, especially, if you are a beginner.

To help you out, I have prepared a guide containing the highest rated bowling shoes along with other essential details. That said, let’s get started.

Top 10 Bowling Shoes Reviews Of All Time

For the ones passionate about bowling should definitely take a look at these bowling shoes. The list contains shoes for both men and women.

You can go through the details and compare the products to pick the one that best suits your need and budget.

Best Bowling Shoes For Men In The Market

These bowling shoes for men are crafted for perfection. Truly, these are some of the top rated bowling shoes that money can buy.

  • Performance Synthetic Uppers
  • Foam Padded Collar and Tongue
  • Outsole: Extra Light Molded EVA
  • Size: 12 and 15
  • Perfect for both Left and Right Handed Bowlers
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Contains Patch that helps with Sliding
  • Color: Black and White

Brunswick is one of the most famous names in the bowling industry. It manufactures the best bowling equipment for the bowlers. That is to say, it has an excellent reputation in the market for making top quality bowling shoes.

The main benefit of opting for Brunswick bowling shoes is that you can get a sweet deal with an affordable price range.

Brunswick Edge Men’s Bowling shoes are the best cheap bowling shoes listed on the market. But hey, you should not underestimate the quality of the shoes based on its price.

These shoes are designed to give you the perfect bowling experience. For instance, if you are planning to buy a new pair of bowling shoes, look no further as Brunswick Edge Men’s Bowling Shoes is the right option for you.

Fitted with universal slide soles, these shoes are meant to give you a comfortable fit. The shoes are made with FlexSide technology and have Komfort-Fit construction. They also hold a reputation for great design and are available in both black and white color.

With these bowling shoes, you can get the perfect fit and comfort.

Considering the features of the shoes, it is pretty clear why People are crazy about their products. This is ideal for buyers who are looking for a trusted and reliable brand for their bowling shoes.



  • Action Leather Uppers
  • Common Sliding Sole
  • Fit as Expected: 75%
  • Best for Sliding
  • Outer Sole: Made with microfiber
  • Size: 6.5-16
  • Extra Cushioning in Inner Sole
  • Insole/Stock Lining: Extra Plush
  • Perfect for both Left and Right Handed Bowlers
  • Color: Black Only

Next, in the line of bowling shoes, we have BSI Men’s Basic #521. This is not only an affordable one, but it is easy to find as well.

These shoes are crafted with a synthetic leather upper and rubber outer sole. The unique construction of the shoes is what makes it highly comfortable for the wearer.

The outer sole is made with microfiber which makes sliding easier on the court. If you are in search of the best bowling shoes for sliding, this could be the ideal option for you.

Furthermore, the light weight of the shoes makes it even more comfortable to wear for the user. The inner sole of the shoes is provided with extra cushioning. This, as a result, reduces the toll on your feet during longer games.

The sneaker-like design of the shoes makes it look quite attractive as well. However, this doesn’t contribute to the durability of the shoes.

In a nutshell, it is an ideal option for the ones looking for budget-friendly bowling shoes.



  • Padded Tongue and Collar
  • Durable and Stylish
  • Best for Sliding
  • Fit as Expected: 87%
  • Size: 6-15
  • Made for Comfort and Performance
  • Custom Fit Fully Fabric Lined
  • Out Sole: Rubber Made
  • Color: Black

These shoes are designed to provide with the ultimate comfort you need to be able to bowl for longer hours. Made with high-quality material, these shoes are fantastic to serve your purpose.

In addition, Dexter Jack Bowling Shoes come with a padded tongue and collar. Even the inner lining of the shoes are made with fabric that keeps your feet intact and cool during long games.

The main aspect of the shoe is the slide. They are basically designed with longer slide soles to improve your approach. The rubber outsole of the shoes provides traction that helps you stop your slide at the right time, thus, makes the shoes one of the great for sliding.

Bowling for longer hours can get your feet tired or sore. This is likely to affect your performance. But with Dexter Jack bowling shoes your feet will stay secure and protected.

The extra padding of the shoes unarguably ensures maximum comfort. Overall, Dexter Jack is one of the best pair of bowling shoes available in the market today.



  • Instant Black Classic Design
  • Easy Break-in Slide Sole
  • Fit as Expected: 82%
  • Size: 7-14
  • Sole: Made with microfiber
  • Metal Eyelets and Heavy Duty Stitching for Durability and Quality
  • Perfect for Controlled Braking and Balance
  • Designed for both Left and Right Handed Bowlers
  • Color: Black

If you are looking for both quality work and performance, Pyramid Men’s Ram Black Bowling Shoes is what you need. With these elegant quality bowling shoes, you can get the perfect comfort that you are looking for.

Not just that, these shoes also feature a unique and stylish design which can make your feet look attractive. With comfortable break-in sole, these bowling shoes are designed for the perfect slide.

The best thing about these bowling shoes is that they can be used by both left and right handed bowlers.

Furthermore, the shoes are also backed by a 2-year warranty. This protects you from dealing with any manufacturing defect. The good news is that you can avail all of it at an affordable rate.



  • Lightweight and Cool Cotton Canvas Upper
  • Classic Blucher Upper Pattern
  • Fabric-lined with Padded Collar
  • Sole: Rubber Made
  • Size: 7-14
  • Slide Sole on Both Shoes
  • Perfect for both Left and Right Handed Bowlers
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Color: Grey/Black/Blue

This is yet another great piece of bowling shoes for men that are designed to provide you with maximum comfort. The shoes are made with high-quality cotton canvas upper which makes it extremely lightweight.

If you like variation, you will be happy to know that the shoes are available in three different colors. It includes grey, white and black to choose from.

The modern construction of the shoe is what makes it both stylish and comfortable. With these shoes, you can keep your feet protected and fresh even during longer gaming hours. Also, the shoes provide you with a great fit.

For a bowler, both proper fit and comfort are of utmost importance. You can derive both these qualities from the Storm Gust Bowling Shoes.

With all the required features, there is no doubt that this is one of the most elegant bowling shoes available in the market. If you value the quality of the bowling shoes in terms of buying, you can consider ordering your pair today.



Best Bowling Shoes For Women In The Market

These bowling shoes are specially designed to aid the ladies to get the perfect shot at the bowling alley. Go through the list of products given below to choose the best match for yourself.

  • Sport Leather Uppers
  • Stitched and Glued Slide Sole
  • Lightweight EVA Midsole
  • Padded Tongue and Collar
  • Fit as Expected: 58%
  • Sole: Rubber Made
  • Size: 6.5-10
  • Length: 246.3-276.9
  • Perfect for both Left and Right Handed Bowlers
  • Color: Black/Pink

If you are new to bowling and have no idea about getting the right pair of shoes, you can consider opting for this option. BSI Women’s #651 Bowling shoes are one of the best bowling shoes for beginners. These shoes are not only comfortable but it also very easy to wear.

The unique design of the shoes is sure to improve your whole bowling experience. Not just that, you can also make yourself look good and bowling ready in these stylish pair of shoes.

Constructed with sports leather and lightweight EVA midsole add an extra layer of durability in the shoe. In addition, the shoes also come with glued and stitched side sole along with plush interior. This ensures maximum comfort during the game.

The shoe is available in all sizes which means you won’t have to desperately hunt for your perfect size.

Both young and old bowlers can make use of these bowling shoes with no trouble whatsoever. That said, this is one great pair of bowling shoes with just the right fit and comfort.



  • Cool Cotton Canvas Upper
  • Classic cvo Upper Pattern
  • Fabric-lined with Padded Collar
  • Out Sole: Rubber, S8 microfiber Slide
  • Size: 6-11
  • Traditional lace-up Closure
  • Removable Blown EVA Footbed
  • Perfect for both Left and Right Handed Bowlers
  • Sole Material: Felt
  • Color: Grey Twill

Dexter Kerrie bowling shoes are yet another great pair of shoes for women. First, Dexter is a company known for its stylish and quality shoes. Second, this pair right here is the part of the Dexter’s Comfort Canvas Collection.

The modern design of the shoe is what appeals to the buyers. Besides, the shoes are highly comfortable as well.

The shoes are made with high-quality fabric which is exceptionally lightweight. Side vents on the shoes promote increased breathability. The shoes also feature S8 microfiber slide soles on both sides.

Other features of the shoes include non-marking rubber outsole with defined heel and molded removable blown EVA footbed. In addition, the shoes also come with a classic CVO upper pattern. It is available in grey color which makes the shoe look more attractive.



  • Performance Mesh Uppers
  • Comfort slip-on
  • Adjustable Lace Construction
  • Foam Padded Collar and Tongue
  • Offers Comfort and Flexibility
  • Out Sole: Rubber Made
  • Microfiber Slide Soles 
  • Size: 6-11
  • Perfect for both Left and Right Handed Bowlers
  • Color: Chameleon/Denim/Grey

The next on the list we have Karma Ladies Bowling Shoes from Brunswick. That is to say, the brand itself speaks volumes about the product.

Brunswick is one of the most well-known brands in the bowling industry. It is known for its high-quality bowling equipment.

As a Brunswick product this mid-high budget bowling shoe has been designed for ultimate comfort. The best thing about this shoe is that it looks like a regular shoe and is very lightweight.

For increased support and comfort, the shoes are also equipped with foam padded tongue and collar. One of the main highlights of the shoe is the slip-on design. This is a feature that is usually not found in other bowling shoes.

Unlike many other bowling shoes, this one is available in sizes ranging from 6 to 11. This means that both adult and young people can enjoy the benefit of this product.

Given the fact that this product is from Brunswick, it is a guarantee that you will not get disappointed with the performance of this bowling shoe.



  • Slide Soles fixed to Both Shoes
  • High-quality Stitching
  • Metal Eyelets for Durability
  • Non-marking Rubber Heel for Braking and Controlled Approach
  • Out Sole: Rubber Made
  • Fit as Expected: 73%
  • Perfect for both Left and Right Handed Bowlers
  • Size: 5-11
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Color: Black/Pink

Having a good pair of bowling shoes can improve your performance to a great extent. Keeping this fact in mind, the Pyramid has come up with this excellent pair of bowling shoes.

This bowling shoes are not only great for their superb performance but have a stylish look as well. The black and the hot pink combination of the shoes make it attractive in appearance.

If you are looking for comforts and flexibility, a pair of this bowling shoes can be an ideal find for you. It is designed to provide you with both quality and performance. Not only that, these bowling shoes are pretty affordable too.

One of the main features of the shoe is that it comes with a universal slide sole which is perfect for both right and left-handed bowlers.

Backed by 2 years warranty, Pyramid will provide great support for this bowling shoe.



  • Light Weight Breathable Fabric Upper
  • Defined Heel
  • Out Sole: Rubber Made
  • Size: 6-9.5
  • Foot Bed: Molded Removable Blown EVA
  • Made for Sliding
  • Perfect for both Left and Right Handed Bowlers
  • Color: Multi-colored

Lastly, we have Storm Istas Bowling Shoes which is yet another great pair of bowling shoes to consider. If you are a colorful footwear fan, this could be the ideal option for you.

Like most other bowling shoes, This one has also been designed to offer you more slide as well.

With a multi-colored print, this bowling shoe has quite different look than the rest of the women’s bowling shoes. Well, this is what makes the product popular among the users.

With this product, you can get both style and performance. The shoes are also very comfortable to wear.

Storm Istas comes with a variety of sizes. Therefore, finding the right size shouldn’t be a problem for you. Other features of the shoe include the non-marking sole and the molded footbed.

Furthermore, the shoe is also made with a breathable fabric which keeps your feet dry and fresh even during long hours of play. With all these features on-board, this is the perfect bowling shoe for your game.



Buyer’s Guide

After going through all the shoes for both men and women, it’s time that we take a look at the buyer’s guide. When it comes to buying the right pair of bowling shoes, there are various factors that you need to consider.

You simply cannot grab any bowling shoe that you see in the store. First and foremost, you need to figure out if it has the right support, fit and comfort or not. But hey, these are just tip of the iceberg. You have a lot of other essential factors to take care of before you agree to buy a pair.

For your convenience, I have listed all the main features that you need to look for in a pair of perfect bowling shoes. If you are looking for more information to satisfy your urge of knowing more about bowling shoes, this guide may fit the bill.

What To Look For In A Pair Of Best Bowling Shoes?

1. Insoles

When buying a pair of bowling shoes, the first important thing you need to look into is the insoles. The insoles should be comfortable enough to support you during your play.

This is particularly important if you are a professional player and have to play for longer hours.

In case, you are buying your bowling shoes online, it can be difficult for you to judge whether the insoles are comfortable or not. For example, if you have some kind of knee or ankle injury, you may have to replace the insoles with something that fit your needs and solve your problem.

As a regular bowler, you need to try something that is going to be suitable for long hours of play.

2. Size

Size is perhaps the most crucial aspect to look into before buying a pair of bowling shoes. If you don’t get the right shoe size, it may hurt your performance badly.

Bowling shoes are meant to provide you with the perfect slide and support during your game. However, this will only be effective when you have the right shoe size.

Almost all the bowling shoes are available in a wide variety of sizes. You have to figure out the right size that is true to you. However, shoes too tight or too loose will make you feel uncomfortable on the bowling lane and definitely downgrade your bowling performance.

A good pair of bowling shoes is expected to provide you with a snug fit.

Before ordering your expensive bowling shoes, I recommend you read what people have to say about it. If there are so many happy customers admiring the product, then it’s a positive sign, and you can hit the buy button without worry whatsoever.

3. Right or left hand

Bowling shoes are classified into two groups. The right-hand and left-hand bowling shoes. Right-handed shoes are meant for right-handed bowlers, whereas left-handed shoes are meant for bowlers who are lefties. The difference between the shoes lies in their slide foot.

For right-handed bowlers, the slide foot is on the left. But for left-handed bowlers, their slide is on the right.

However, there are also shoes that come with a universal slide sole. These shoes are meant for both right-handed and left-handed bowlers.

4. Comfort and support

Comfort and support are also required from a pair of quality bowling shoes. These are notably more important when you have to wear it for longer periods.

Good pair of bowling shoes is expected to be made of breathable fabric and extra padded cushions. The breathability of the material ensures freshness and dry feet all the time. Whereas the padded cushions are provided to give you extra comfort.

You also need to make sure that your bowling shoes can provide you with excellent support. This is required in order to improve your performance while releasing the ball with a smooth slide.

Before, you invest in any bowling shoe, make sure it serves your purpose accordingly.

5. Price

Budget is, of course, something you cannot ignore. Bowling shoes are available in all price ranges. You can guess that regular bowling shoes are likely to cost you less money. However, for high-end shoes, you have to pay more.

You can check out my top 10 picks up there. I have put my time and effort to research these shoes and filter them out in terms of cost-effectiveness and quality. That said, I highly recommend you to check them out before making your buying decision.

Additional Tips:

  1. If you are to buy top quality bowling shoes, make sure to purchase branded products only.
  2. Check the reviews of a product before buying. This will help you to know if the product is worth your money or not.

With the help of the given guidelines, you should be able to buy the right pair of bowling shoes for yourself.

Tips For Maintaining Your Bowling Shoes

Just like any other pair of shoe, even bowling shoes tend to wear over time. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your bowling shoes properly. This is particularly more important if you want your shoes to last longer.

However, the sad part is that shoes are the most neglected of all bowling equipment. Majority of the people ignore the necessity of maintaining their shoes properly. What they simply fail to understand is that even bowling shoes have a lot to do with their game and game performance.

In order to give them a longer life span, you need to make sure that they are taken care of following some specific rules. Now that you are just starting your bowling career, it is highly unlikely that you will know everything about cleaning and keeping your shoes in good shape.

That is why, for your convenience, I have lined up some tips below. You may find them useful.

1. Brush Them Nicely After Each Game

Every time you use your bowling shoes, it needs brushing. Not only that occasional brushing keeps your shoes in good condition, but it also adds more traction to it. This, as a result, may prove to be beneficial for you.

However, you need to make sure that you do not brush your shoes with a hard brush. Do it using a soft brush and be gentle with your strokes. You need to be careful so that you do not ruin the quality of your shoes.

Worth mentioning that,  do not brush your bowling shoes too often. This may affect the performance of your shoes, especially during the slide. After brushing your shoes make sure you clean them thoroughly to get rid of the stubborn oil. A little water and a shoe cleaner may come in handy in the process.

2. Use Shoe Covers

Want to keep your bowling shoes shiny and intact? Shoe covers have got you covered. It can protect your shoes from any potential damage that may occur.

With the help of a shoe cover, you can consistently maintain the quality of your shoes and also extend its life span.

Shoe covers are pretty cheap, and you can get them from any online store or bowling store nearby. These covers are meant to protect your shoes from all types of spillage and damage.

Also, it prevents water from getting inside your shoes. When not in use, you should always keep your bowling shoes covered.

3. Disinfect Them

Shoes, whether it be for bowling or for daily use, are always vulnerable to bacteria build-up. This in return may lead to an awful smell.

Bad odor from shoes is a universal problem. But if you want, you can take care of this by regularly disinfecting your shoes. This will not only prevent the growth of bacteria but also get rid of the sweat from your shoes. Besides, you can also keep your feet fresh and dry during your game.

Other benefits of disinfecting your shoes are increased durability. I would recommend you to do this after each game. This will ensure that your shoes are completely clean before you stack them up in your shelf.

Maintaining your bowling shoes is not as tough as it may appear to be. Follow my advice and clean them after each game. That way you always keep them game ready for the next match.

Top Benefits Of Using Bowling Shoes

I have often seen bowlers renting shoes in exchange for a couple of dollars. However, in my opinion, those are mostly occasional players who treat the game as their hobby. As far as professional bowlers are concerned, most of them carry their own pair of bowling shoes with them.

Bowling shoes are definitely one of the most essential bowling equipment after bowling ball and bowling ball cleaners. Therefore, you need to have the best bowling shoes to perform better in your game.

When you rent shoes for the game chances are you won’t get the perfect fit. After all, these shoes are being used by several people daily. This is why it is always great to have your own pair of bowling shoes.

Read the benefits of having a perfect pair of bowling shoes.

1. Provides perfect slide

Bowling shoes are the most neglected piece of bowling equipment. Majority of the people don’t even understand the importance of having a good pair of bowling shoes. They are not only meant for comfort, but they offer more than that.

Bowling shoes are constructed with a sliding sole that allows you to slide perfectly during the last step of your approach. The sole is generally made of synthetic or leather material. In order to execute a perfect shot, you need to have a consistent and ideal slide.

2. Helps In Your Approach

When it comes to bowling, your approach is the most important thing. Gripping the ball, moving towards bowling alley and throwing the ball are the most critical parts of your entire game.

That is why having the right approach is very important as it has a significant impact on your game. Your approach should be free of damage and debris. Not only that it will destroy your shot, but you may even trip and fall if you fail to execute it properly.

Such unfortunate incident may lead to serious injuries during the game. This is one of the main reasons why quality bowling shoes are essential.

3. Saves You Money

Another benefit of having bowling shoes is that it helps you save your money. No bowling alley will allow you to wear outside shoes and play. You are either required to get your own shoes or rent shoes from the gaming zone.

Now the problem with renting shoes is that they are never clean and most importantly they don’t fit well. These shoes are used by several people daily.

The only way to save yourself from wearing rented germ infested bowling shoes is to carry your own.

Above all, you can also save a lot of money when you have your own shoes. That’s because you do not have to spend extra cash on renting bowling shoes anymore.

So if you are into bowling, you should definitely consider getting a pair of bowling shoes for yourself.

4. Provides Comfort

Since bowling shoes are mainly designed for the bowling game, it provides you with maximum comfort during the play. When playing for longer hours, your feet tend to get sore. Bowling shoes can provide you with relief even during long hours of the game.

These shoes are generally made with extra padding on the inside which allows you to keep your feet relaxed. Unless you feel comfortable in your shoes, you cannot concentrate in your game.

You also need to check if your bowling shoes are true to your size or not. To feel completely comfortable you need to have the perfect fit. After all, comfort and fit are two essential qualities, when it comes to bowling.

Bowling shoes are necessary bowling equipment. Perfectly fit bowling shoe not only makes you feel comfortable but also improves your bowling performance as well.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of bowling shoes you should get the best one for your use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bowling shoes are specifically designed for bowling. These shoes come with a slide on the soles which allows you to slide perfectly while releasing the ball. In other words, it helps you to improve your approach while making the shot.

In order to have maximum control over your ball, it is imperative for you to have the right gliding motion. This can be affected with the help of a bowling shoe.

There is no information on when bowling shoes were first invented. However, according to who records the first leather bowling shoes featuring a slide was launched in 1888 in the US.

No matter which bowling alley you visit, you will notice people renting bowling shoes for the game. Renting shoes for bowling is nothing but a waste of money. It is better for you to have your own pair of bowling shoes.

This is mainly because rented shoes are never great or comfortable enough. There are chances that you won’t even get the perfect fit. Besides, these shoes are not clean as well. You should consider buying a pair since they are pretty affordable to come by.

The main reason to wear bowling shoes is to get the perfect slide. Regular shoes have traction on their sole which prevents you from sliding and therefore, you may end up tripping in the process.

Another reason why you are not allowed to wear your regular sneakers when playing is that bowling alleys need to keep their approach area protected.

The approach area is generally made of highly polished wood. Keeping the approach area clean and free of other debris is extremely important for Alley owners.

If you step into the alley wearing your regular sneakers, you can damage the purpose of the polished wooden floor. As a result, professional bowlers will not be able to put up their best performance.

Lastly, bowling shoes are also designed to provide you with maximum comfort during your game. So without any hesitation, in a longer game, a pair of true size bowling shoes can be your absolute savior.

Bowling shoes are made different from regular sneakers. Their difference lies in the sole of the shoes. Bowling shoes feature a slippery sole on their sliding foot and a rubber sole on their non-sliding foot.

This is done in order to provide both traction and slide to the bowler while releasing the ball.

For a right-handed bowler, his sliding foot is on the left and traction foot on the right. This is just the opposite for left-handed bowlers.

That is why there is both right handed and left handed version of bowling shoes are available in the market.

You can take the hint from the name that these shoes are meant for right-handed bowlers. Now the question is what the purpose of right-hand bowling shoes are?

Well, let’s say the soles of such bowling shoes are different from one another. In other words, one shoe is for sliding while the other is for traction.

The sole of a sliding shoe is generally made of buckskin or leather whereas the sole of a traction shoe is crafted with rubber.

Right-hand bowling shoes are the ones that have the traction for the right foot. This is precisely the opposite for a left-handed bowler.

There are bowling shoes that include universal sliding shoes. These type of shoes can be used by both the left and the right-handed bowlers.

If you are serious about bowling, you need to get the right pair of bowling shoes. If you are a right-handed bowler, you already know the type of bowling shoes you need.

As already mentioned earlier, they are specially designed for bowling. These shoes are different from your regular sneakers. Bowling shoes are equipped with a sliding sole that allows you to perfect your approach, slide, and release.

On the other hand, regular sneakers have the traction that stops you from sliding. If you try to slide in your regular shoes, you are likely to fall and injure yourself. This is where bowling shoes differ from regular sneakers.

With the help of a good pair of bowling shoes, you can improve your game and maintain your balance. No wonder, it is a piece of essential bowling equipment for the players. Not just that, but bowling shoes also provide you with great comfort during your play.

The extra padding inside the soles keeps your feet comfortable even when you play for a more extended period. Considering all these reasons, it is crucial for you to get the right pair of bowling shoes for your game.

If you are in search of a pair of top rated bowling shoes, you should consider taking a look at some of the reputed sporting stores in your area. Most of the stores have a vast collection of bowling shoes. If not, you are always welcome to search for stores such as Kmart and Sears.

In case, you are in search of both used and brand new bowling shoes, and you care about reviews, mega e-commerce store like Amazon can be conducive for you.

This is one site where you can get all varieties and styles of bowling shoes to choose from. Not just that, but you can even get bowling shoes at a much affordable rate as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an absolute beginner or a trained professional, Amazon can serve you with the quality shoes for all types of players regardless of their different taste and size.

Also, you can go through the reviews given by other buyers. This will help you to decide whether the product is worth investing or not. However, there is one problem with online buying, and that is you may not get the perfect fit.

We all had witnessed that one time when we were delivered the wrong sized shoes, right? If you are concerned with the size of your shoe, you should better visit the local sporting store instead of ordering from Amazon.

However, Amazon has plenty of products, and they are backed by the return policy. Hence, you can securely buy from them, and for any inconvenience, you are allowed to return the product and get the one you really need.

Regardless of where you are buying the shoes from, make sure you get the right fit. Apart from that, you should also check the quality of the shoes you are buying.

Final Verdict

After going through the above discussion, the importance of bowling shoes should be clear to you. I would suggest you pick a product from the given list.

In that case, Brunswick happens to be my favorite choice. The company is well-known for its high-quality bowling shoes. This applies to both men and women.

Other than that even Pyramid and Dexter are also excellent choices. If not, you can also take the help of the buyer’s guide in order to find the best bowling shoes for yourself.

Let me know if I can make this article more useful in any way possible.

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