Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review

In this Brunswick Rhino bowling ball review, we will explain how the Brunswick Rhino is an excellent bowling ball for somebody just starting out and learning how to hook the ball. It comes in five new vibrant colors. It has a very powerful name, and it’s a powerful ball too with that price point performance. It’s a lot of bowling balls for the money.

Brunswick has really worked hard on upgrading the logo and refreshing the colors to give us five vibrant colors.

Brunswick Rhino is a great bowling ball for beginners. It’s got a real smooth and consistent ball motion that is easy to control but doesn’t give you too much hook where you can get into too much trouble.

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How We have reviewed Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

In this review, we are looking at Brunswick’s brand New Brunswick Rhino bowling ball. This is the latest entry level performance ball in their entry line, but as we’ve seen from Brunswick before, entry line does not mean entry line performance.

The Rhino has the low differential symmetrical light bulb core, which we’ve seen in other Brunswick products. Thanks to its light bulb core, Brunswick Rhino delivers an outstanding ball motion and excellent pin action. It is very successful as R-16 reactive cover stock, which gives it length with hook and slow friction response. So, it doesn’t overreact on dry lines. 

This ball will be perfect for those with a higher rev rate or a lot of side rotation because it doesn’t react to friction very quickly. This means it will get down Lane, and then it will read and hook into the pocket. However, if you are competing against professionals in a league bowling, using Brunswick Rhino would not be so ideal.

To review this bowling ball for its hook potential and pin violence, we put together 4 bowlers with different rev rates and speeds. Continue reading to know more about the result and to see if buying a Brunswick Rhino is going to be worth it or not.

This 41-foot pattern is typical of many house shots used across the USA. Using a subtle blend, the Main Street is a pattern that enables many different styles to score.

Bowler 1 (Low Rev Low Speed)

Our first bowler is a low speed and low Rev player. He has bowled on a Kegel main street oil pattern bowling alley. More about that in a moment.

As we have mentioned before, the Brunswick Rhino bowling ball has the light bulb core in it. It is low differential which is really good because it’s not going to see a ton of flare. It also helps the ball not overreact to friction and still offers a great carry down lane.

The core itself doesn’t expend so much energy and has a ton down lane. That is why this core is an all-time favorite, and you will never get disappointed in this weight block.

Back to our Bowler 1. Even though we’re on a fresh, he was playing just a tiny bit inside from his regular line. He’s just tightened up a little bit because Brunswick Rhino is not a super strong bowling ball, but it does have a great reaction and a good read.

And for him, he really liked it because he could just straighten it up, and the ball didn’t react until it got to the pins. It also had tons of continuation, tons of push through the pin. 

Bowler 2 (Mid Rev Mid Speed)

For an entry line bowling ball, Brunswick Rhino bowling ball still has all that energy and all that carry that just seems to be blowing the rock apart.

As a straight line bowler, our 2nd bowler was playing a little straighter, which he seems to enjoy. He got to play a little straighter to get those corners carried out, and he didn’t have to move in to bounce it. He has been playing a lot more on his house shot similar to this and been getting back to it.

Brunswick Rhino is definitely a bowling ball you could play on the fresh and play a long time. This is something that you don’t get to do a lot. You will experience lots of friction to the outside as the lanes tend to dry up pretty fast.

Bowler 3 (High Rev High Speed)

Our 3rd bowler had the pleasure of throwing this ball on two different conditions. He threw this on the CTF sport pattern similar to halfway between the wolf and the cheetah.

On a fresh condition, Brunswick Rhino bowling ball allows you to play very straight. So if you have problems looping the ball or trying to get the ball to work, you can just straighten up and let it go.

When our bowler played this on the sport pattern, he could easily move out to where he usually plays and swing the ball. On a sport pattern like that, he would move to the right and play it down, which should end up with an excellent pin action.

Bowler 4 (Ultra High Rev and Speed)

He is our ultra-high Rev player, and he throwed straight ball in his game.

Closing Thoughts you’re looking for a ball that will give you the best of both worlds on dry and depleted lanes, Brunswick Rhino is your go-to. It has more than enough length to keep most bowlers satisfied while also not being too aggressive in its reaction off the spot.

This bowling ball indeed offers excellent performance on dry lanes. However, it might not be ideal if your lane conditions are medium or heavily oiled. But it will still give you plenty of hook potential to make up for its lack of reaction of the breakpoint compared with bowling balls in higher price ranges.

Brunswick Rhino is a great entry-level bowling ball for any bowler looking to learn how the sport or improve their game. With its performance on par with other bowling balls at this price point, it’s no wonder that so many people flock to purchase this bowling ball!

We believe you’re someone who enjoys playing and wants more information about what makes Brunswick Rhino bowling ball such a fantastic choice in today’s market. In that case, we encourage you to read our full review of this ball. It will definitely answer all your questions and help you make the best decision when purchasing a new bowling ball.

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