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Bowling is one of the most popular sports out there. The game is all fun but it involves a lot of technique. If you thought just rolling the ball is all you need to do, you couldn’t be more wrong than this.

To be a professional bowler, you need to have the right skills. Other than your bowling skills even choosing the best bowling ball for hook plays a huge role in the game.

You need to possess the right knowledge and skills in order to excel in the sport. If you are a newbie, you can take the help of this bowling guide to learn all the essential details that you need to know.

In addition, the guide will also provide you with information on the best bowling balls 2023 available in the market.

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Best Bowling Ball Comparison Chart

Product NameCoverstockColorWeightPerformanceWarrantySee Details
Brunswick Tzone Deep SpacePolyesterAqua/Silver/Blue and More6 - 16Perfect for Spare Balls1 YearCheck Latest Price
Pyramid PathPolyesterMultiple Colors6 - 16Perfect for Straight Bowlers2 YearsCheck Latest Price
Ebonite MaximPolyester/PlasticRoyal/Purple/Silver6 - 15Perfect for Entry Level BowlersN/A
Check Latest Price
Brunswick RhinoR-16 Reactive and Light Bulb CoreBlack/Green/Orange10 - 16Perfect for Entry Level Bowlers1 YearCheck Latest Price
Storm Pitch BlackUrethaneBlack12 - 16Perfect for Straight BowlersN/ACheck Latest Price
Hammer Black Widow LegendHybridBlack/Red/Pearl12 - 16Perfect for Heavy Oily Lanes3 YearsCheck Latest Price
Columbia 300 NitrousBoost/R Reactive ResinBlack/Blue/Bronze10 - 16Perfect for Medium to Light Oil LanesN/ACheck Latest Price
Motiv Venom CobraSabotage Hybrid ReactiveBlack/Bronze/Pearl with Godl/Silver15Perfect for Medium to Light Oil Lanes1 YearCheck Latest Price
Brunswick Cutting Edge HybridRelativity Hook HybridBlue/Purple/Orange15Perfect for Heavy Oily LanesN/ACheck Latest Price
Hammer Black UrethaneUrethaneBlack14 - 16Perfect for Medium to Light Oil Lanes1 YearCheck Latest Price

Top 10 Bowling Balls of All Time

In order to show your true potential in the bowling lane, you need to have the ideal bowling ball in your hand. You can find a number of reputed brands manufacturing some of the finest quality balls.

However, to help you out, I have shortlisted 10 of the most renown bowling balls for you to choose from. Here take a look at the list.

If you are new to the bowling game and looking for the best bowling ball for beginners, you can start rolling with Brunswick Tzone Deep Space. It is not just a good looking ball, but it also performs well on the lanes.

Certainly, the ball is perfect for striking a straight shot. You can even use it as a spare ball if you want. The excellent finishing of the ball makes it ideal for achieving great performance.

There is no doubt that Brunswick manufactures the finest quality balls for its buyers and this one is no exception. With the help of this ball, you can learn to shoot straight and enhance your bowling skills.

The main benefit of using this ball is that it moves where you intend it to go. Not just that, but it hooks well too. The ball has received high ratings by the users.

You can get different colors including aqua, blue and silver. The coverstock of the ball is made of polyester which gives it a royal shine. Considering the features of the ball, it is safe to say that this is one of the most desired bowling balls for the newbies.



Pyramid produces some of the best bowling balls available out there. The quality of the balls is worth mentioning. If you want to get quality bowling balls within an affordable rate, Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is the option for you.

For instance, with polyester coverstock, the ball serves to be an ideal companion for the beginners. This ball is perfect for the ones who want to achieve a perfectly straight shot. However, if you are a professional, you can even use it as a spare bowling ball.

The design of the ball makes it suitable for players of all ages.  It is also available in multiple colors for you to choose from. The good thing about the product is that it comes with a 2 years warranty. This ensures the longevity of the ball.

With its excellent finish and quality, it is sure to turn heads. Considering all the given features of the ball, this is indeed a great bowling ball.

If you are aiming for a good practice game, you can undoubtedly rely on the Pyramid Path Bowling Ball.



The next famous bowling ball on our list is the Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball. If you are ready to take over the bowling lane with the best polyester ball, you can surely go for this product.

This ball is ideal for players who are more concerned with their bowling style. That is to say, with the use of this ball you can take your bowling game to the next level. Made with three piece core, the ball provides excellent performance.

If you are new to the game, you can find this ball to be the best option for you. Just like most other beginner bowling balls, Ebonite Maxim is made with polyester coverstock.

However, the ball is not only made for high-performance, but it also comes with a great design. It is one of the most stylish bowling balls you can get in an affordable budget.

For a plastic ball, it also has great versatility. Therefore, it moves where you intend it to.

No wonder, this is a perfect game ball for the entry-level players. You can achieve a great shot with the Ebonite Maxim bowling ball.



We have yet another bowling ball from the house of Brunswick. The ball is considered to be the best bowling ball for dry lanes. This entry level bowling ball is perfect for a less reactive shot.

With the use of this ball, you can have more control on your throw. This ball is ideal for beginners and even for professionals. The ball features one of the most popular cores of all times. Made with light bulb core, it provides the perfect motion that you desire.

With the gear will-16 coverstock, the ball gets down the lane perfectly. In addition, the ball is also made with 500 grit stair pad which is then polished with crown factory compound. This gives the ball a crown factory shine.

The ball is famous for its excellent balance and control. For any bowler, these are the two crucial aspects that you can get from the Brunswick Rhino bowling ball.

The ball is also available in 5 different colour schemes. Since the time the ball has been advertised, it has performed quite well. With this great ball, you can put the control back in the game.



This is the newest addition made to the Thunder Line products from Storm. This is one of the finest bowling balls with all the right features. The ball comes with a urethane coverstock along with a new core.

The ball is mainly designed for dry lanes. However, you can also make good use of it in shorter and lighter oil conditions. 

This mid-performance ball can provide you with the right amount of control on the lane.

The ball also provides you with a great hook potential. However, it may stop when it gets to the oil on a longer pattern.

This ball is ideal for shooting straight. Other than that the ball is also durable and consistent in its performance.

Storm surely knows what their buyers need. Each of Storm’s products is designed to meet the needs of their customers.

With the capacitor core, it helps you to control your flare potential and thus, you get better with your ball motion. This ball is ideal for slow speed and rev players.



This ball is designed to tackle the heavy oil bowling lanes. If you are in search of the best bowling ball for heavy oil lanes, Hammer Black Widow Legend should be the ideal choice for you.

The ball is aggressive and has a polished cover. It is also equipped with a gas mask core which gives the ball a great movement on the backend.

The legendary core features carbon fiber and flex-resins. This makes the ball one of the toughest ones out there.

The ball makes use of NBT hybrid coverstock which adds to the perfection of the ball. It is extremely durable and is also backed with a 3 years warranty.

Other than its excellent performance, it has also got a great look with a polished finish. This is one of the best high-performance balls listed out there. The ball is ideal for both heavy and medium oil lanes.



Columbia 300 nitrous bowling ball provides complete value for your money. This entry level reactive ball is one of its kind. The Nitrous makes use of a new symmetrical core.

There is no doubt that this is one of the best performance balls out there. Other than its performance, the ball is a delight to look at.

It is available in silver and red which makes it look absolutely stunning.

The ball gets it shiny look from the 2000 Abralon polished finish. The excellent finish of the ball enables it to glide smoothly on a medium to light oil lanes.

This mid-performance bowling ball also comes with a boost/R reactive resin coverstock which increases its worth even more. This ball is ideal for bowlers of all skill levels. With the help of this ball, anyone can perfect their shots.



For the ones in search of the best reactive bowling ball can opt for Motiv Venom Cobra. You can take your games to the next level with this reactive ball.

These balls are designed with top gear dual-density core along with sabotage hybrid reactive cover. Both the feature together makes the ball a deadly one.

The ball is ideal for medium to light oil lanes. It comes with a faster reaction and can go longer than its predecessor. The ball makes use of NeoMark Graphics technology and is available in gold/silver and black/bronze/pearl.

It also comes with 5500 grit LSP factory finish. Considering all its features, one can easily assume that this is one great ball designed for the players.



This mid-performance bowling ball is considered to be the best bowling ball for hook. The company has decided to continue their Edge series of bowling balls. That being said, this is the newest addition in their Edge series.

The ball comes with a low RG symmetric core along with a relativity hook hybrid. The combination of these two provides you with excellent traction in the middle of the bowling lane. Furthermore, the ball also provides a powerful continuation down the lane.

Other than being an excellent performer, Brunswick Cutting Edge Hybrid has also got an attractive design. It is available in blue, orange and purple colors. Also, It comes with 500, 2000 siaair finish. The ball is mainly designed to tackle situations in heavy oil lanes.



Last on the list, we have the Hammer Black Urethane which is made for medium to light oil condition. This is one of the most popular bowling balls available in the market.

If you remember the reaction ball that ruled bowling in the ’80s and ’90s, you should definitely take a look at this product. With Hammer Black Urethane, the company has managed to bring the reaction ball of the ’80s and ’90s to existence again.

However, the new Hammer Black Urethane surely comes with few changes or let’s say improvements. Hammer has made changes to the light bulb core in order to create the LED core design.

The ball is covered with urethane coverstock. Well, that’s not the end as 500 grit Abralon pad adds to the finishing of the ball. This offers great control throughout the length of the bowling lane.

If you want to step-up your bowling game, this could be the ideal ball for you.



How To Choose A Bowling Ball To Fit Your Needs

How to choose a bowling ball image

Bowling is one of the most enjoyable games out there. It may be a trendy game, but it is definitely enjoyed by a lot of people. The hard part of the game is choosing the right ball for your game. 

You need to choose a bowling ball that fits your needs and style. When it comes to choosing the right bowling balls, there are several factors to consider. 

If you thought, weight is the only thing that matters, you are very wrong.

For a beginner, it may appear all to be the same. Well, that’s not the case. To choose the right bowling ball, you need to have the expertise of a professional. 

To help you out, I have pointed out the factors that you need to consider while choosing the right ball. Mind you, there is more than just weight when it comes to choosing the right bowling ball.

Things You need to consider:

1. Weight

Weight is the most crucial aspect for you to consider while choosing the right bowling ball. Apparently, you don’t want to struggle while rolling the ball. If the ball is too heavy, you may find it difficult to handle during the game. On the other hand, choosing a lighter ball may not be wise for balance. This is why it is essential for you to pick the right weight ball. It’s the weight of the ball that makes all the difference. There are basically three recommendations for you to follow when choosing the right weight ball:
  • You should select a ball that is equivalent to 10% of your total body weight. This is the most common recommendation and is followed by the majority of the players.
  • You can go for the heaviest ball in your arsenal but make sure that you can throw it accurately. Mind you, this may not work for everyone.
  • You can also add extra 1 or 2 pounds to your house ball weight. According to experts, if the holes are drilled perfectly, the ball will automatically feel lighter. This will ensure a great throw. Also, you will feel comfortable while throwing the ball.
In my opinion, don’t pick a heavy ball just because you feel like it. If you want to stand out in the game, be strategic with your ball selections.

2. Cores

The next important consideration is the cores. As a newbie, you may not know, but there are different cores in the balls. Each of the cores has a disparate impact on your game. This is why it is crucial for you to pick the right core. 

Here is what you need to know about the different cores:

Pancake Cores: This is mainly found in beginner bowling balls. The features of pancake cores are what makes them ideal for the newbies. These type of bowling balls are easy to handle. 

They don’t require much adjustment. Also, these balls are much straighter. The pancake core can give you a soothing rolling experience.

Symmetrical Cores: This is a bit more advanced core than pancake cores. However, this is the core type that is found in most balls. The best quality of these balls to mention is that they are very much balanced. 

Needless to say, this ensures more of even roll in the game. The core actually plays a significant role and has a big impact on your game.

Asymmetrical Cores: Most of the players prefer to go for an asymmetrical core. These balls allow you to have more control. 

However, such balls are good only under certain conditions. The main advantage of playing with the asymmetrical core is that it provides you with more motion. 

If you need to hit the balls from an angle, this is the best option you can go for.

Now that you have basic ideas about the different cores, it should be easier for you to pick the right one. Pick the core that you are more comfortable to play with.

3. Coverstock Material

When deciding to pick the bowling ball, coverstock material is one of the most important aspects to consider. 

Sadly, many of the players tend to ignore the importance of coverstock material. Choosing the right coverstock is essential as it decides the amount of hook you will get.

There are different types of coverstock material listed out there. The most common one is the plastic coverstock. 

Different coverstock materials include urethane and reactive coverstock. You need to choose the coverstock based on what you want your ball to do. Different coverstock has different roles to play. It has a significant impact on your game so you might as well pick the right one. 

For example, plastic coverstocks are ideal for smooth throwing. However, they won’t rotate much. If you want your bowling ball to go straight, plastic coverstock can be a sensible choice.

On the other hand, urethane and reactive resin are suitable for players who want to hook their throws. However, the degree of hooks will vary based on the material of the coverstock. 

Reactive resin is more aggressive than urethane bowling balls. If you are aiming for a potential strike, opting for reactive resin will be a good option.

4. Reactive Resin

Before choosing a bowling ball you need to check how reactive it is. This is also dependent on the design of the ball. For this, you need to have complete knowledge of reactive resin coverstocks as well. Options available to you include solid, hybrid and pearl reactive resin coverstocks.
  • The solid reactive resin is ideal for an even rolling experience. Also, it is useful for creating more friction especially if the lane is oily.

  • As far as pearl reactive resin is concerned, they are not very reactive on oily lanes. However, they may provide you some leverage.

  • Coming down to the hybrid reactive resin, it is a combination of both pearl and solid. Thus, it enjoys the best of both sides. Hybrid reactive resin is more aggressive and can provide you with a great rolling experience.
It is advised that you pick the reactive resin based on the quality of your game. For beginners, the solid reactive resin is considered to be a perfect choice.

5. USBC Approved

Most of the bowling balls are USBC approved which means they can be used for professional competitions. However, if you are to choose the ideal bowling ball for your next game, make sure that it is USBC approved.

To approve a bowling ball they mainly focus on two important aspects including the balance and weight of the balls. By doing so, they ensure the balls are perfectly balanced so that you can use it for professional games.

In order to find out whether your ball is USBC approved, you can take it to a local bowling shop. Since these people have a lot of experience with bowling balls, they will be able to tell you the differences. This is particularly important if you are getting ready for a serious game.

With the help of the given pointers, you will be able to pick the right bowling ball for yourself. By now, the importance of choosing the right ball should be clear to you.

How To Bowl A Strike – Bowling Tips For Beginners

For every bowling ballplayer, the main aim is to hit a strike. Hitting a strike is easy if you have the right approach. However, this may seem a bit difficult if you have just started out. 

For a bowling player, there is no better feeling than rolling out a perfect strike. The site of every pin collapsing is hugely satisfying for a player.

If you are to participate in a bowling competition, you need to make sure that your scores are on point. For this, you need to be really good with your shots. 

If you wish to impress everyone at the bowling alley by rolling out strikes and turkeys, I can help you with that. If you want to learn how to bowl a perfect strike, you are in the right place.

In the pointers given below, I have explained the techniques and the style you need to achieve to bowl a perfect strike. With these guidelines, you are sure to hit the perfect scores every time.

Guidelines to be followed:

1. Be flexible

When it comes to bowling, you need to be flexible likewise. This is one of the main qualities that every good player needs to have. It is also crucial that you adapt to the game. This is important because every bowling lane is different from the other. 

If you are a rookie to this game, you should know that the bowling lanes are oiled. The amount of oil used vary from one bowling lane to another. This is what makes every bowling different. For every aspiring bowling ballplayer, this is a very straightforward thing to know.

The oil pattern in a single lane may also change throughout the game. Oily or less oily, it has a significant impact on your bowling. You need to learn to adjust with the changing oil pattern and only then you can be a better player.

If you are a pro at the game, you probably already know that the changing oil pattern can cause your ball to break.

This is why it is essential for you to adjust your technique accordingly. If you can learn to be flexible, you can win half the battles on the lane.

2. Go For A Lighter Ball

Most players tend to go for heavier balls because they want to show off their strength. Well, there is no harm in it as long as you can handle the ball correctly.

When you choose a heavy ball, the problem is that it gets difficult for you to adjust your throw. Thus, you may end up struggling with your shot at the bowling alley.

I can understand that using a heavy ball is fun as you love the sight of the pins flying. But, if your goal is to bowl a perfect strike, you need to cut down on your show off part and choose the ball wisely.

Additionally, when you select a lighter ball, it may not prove to be compelling enough. In other words, lighter balls are not suitable for a balanced throw. Most of the times they only make pins hit each other.

To choose the right ball, you need to pick a ball that is equivalent to 10% of your total body weight. What I mean is that you need to choose a ball that can be balanced well.

Neither a heavy nor a light ball can help unless you choose the right weight ball for yourself. If not, you can also go for the girl balls only if you are not ashamed of using it.

3. Focus On The Arrow

Most of the players make the mistake of focusing on the pins. It is true that pins are your ultimate target. But you need to focus on the arrows present in the middle of the lane instead of the pins. To be honest, this is where most players go wrong.

However, the right thing to do is focus on one of the arrows on the lane and aim your ball right over it. This enhances your chances of bowling a perfect strike.

For right-handed bowlers, they should aim for the second arrow from the right. In case, you are a lefty, you need to focus on the arrow from the left.

This technique is 100% effective, and once you get it right, you will see the results yourself. Most of the bowling lanes are oiled in the middle. Therefore, shooting your ball on the outside will provide you extra traction down the path.

If you are really dedicated to being a pro at the game, make sure you change your focus to get the best results.

4. Pocket Is The Key

If you want to achieve consistent strikes and turkeys, you need to shoot the ball at a particular angle into the pocket.

If you are a right-handed bowler, the pocket will be between the one and three pins.

However, for the left-handed bowler, the pocket is different. It is between the one and two pins. Keep this simple tip in mind and you will be surprised with your performance.

5. Line Up Your Approach

You will notice three rows of dots before, the foul line. One row is marked right before the foul line and the other two behind it.

You need to consider one of these latter rows to line up your approach. If you can aim the pocket from that approach, you are sure to hit a strike.

This may seem to be tricky in the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, you will be good to go. Always remember that lining up your approach is essential.

To become a professional bowler or to improve your game, first you need to learn to get your strategy right. Most players miss the pins by an inch because they don’t have the correct approach.

Additional Tips:

Here are some additional tips for you to follow. With these tips, you can improve your style and technique of throwing a ball.

Make your approach: The 4 step approach is the most common approach practised by the professionals. All you need to do is fix your gaze on the arrow and walk in a straight line. Make sure you practice this so that you can get it right with time.

Keep your arms straight: You need to keep your arms straight on the backswing. Your hands should reach till the shoulder level and also close to the body.

Take the power step: The power step is referred to as the second-to-last step while making an approach. This gives your body a bit of extra momentum. Needless to say, it also helps you to release your ball with more power.

For right-handed players, your right foot will be used for the power step. Similarly, for the lefties, your left foot is your power step foot. Bend your power step leg swiftly so that you can slide smoothly on your other foot. Also, keep a watch that you don’t cross the foul line.

Release the ball nice and smooth: Releasing your ball correctly is very important. For this, you need to time the release of your ball.

If you release your ball too early, you will lose velocity. Whereas, if you release the ball late, it will bounce more. This should give you an idea of why is it crucial for you to release your ball at the right time.

Curve your throw: In order to bowl a strike, you need to hit the pocket. For this, you need to curve your throw. As a complete beginner, this may take some time, but with practice, you can surely get it right.

For right-handed players, rotate your thumb to a 10 o’clock position while releasing the ball. If you are a lefty, you need to rotate your thumb at a 2 o’clock position. This will give your ball the perfect spin that you want.

Follow through: It is often seen that players don’t follow through after releasing the ball. This may reduce the rotation of the ball and thus, it cuts down on the accuracy.

After releasing the ball, keep your arm going like a pendulum until your arms are above your head.

Take it easy: There is no need for you to rush. Take your time and be smooth with your play. Getting flustered will only affect your game. You need to maintain a steady and slow approach.

If you can follow the tips carefully, you are sure to improve your skills. If you really wish to be a better bowler and bowl a strike with every shot, you need to practice hard. The techniques mentioned in the pointers requires practice.

Bowling Ball Coverstock

With all the different bowling balls available in the market, it may get challenging to choose the right one for your bowling game. The result of your game mainly depends on your selection of the bowling ball.

Due to this factor, you need to choose your bowling ball wisely. Worth mentioning that, there are several things to consider beforehand choosing your ball.

However, one of the most crucial aspects of bowling balls is coverstock. Choosing the right one can get half your job done.

Currently, there are seven different coverstocks available out there. Epoxy and rubber coverstocks are no longer manufactured or in use. 

The mentioned coverstocks are the ones that are extensively used by the players at the bowling alley. Let’s walk you through the details of each of the coverstocks.

Plastic Coverstock: The most common type of coverstock is plastic. This is mainly found on spare balls. Out of all the coverstocks, plastic is the least aggressive one.

If you want your bowling ball to go straight up in the lane for the spare game, plastic coverstock is the best option you can go for. The plastic coverstock is also apt for dry lane conditions and corner pin spares.

Reactive Resin: Reactive resin coverstocks are made with the same material used in urethane coverstocks. The only difference is that reactive resin coverstocks have a blend of other additives.

Some reactive resin coverstocks can provide you with extra traction. Not just that, but it can also provide you with a strong reaction on the lane as well.

Reach resin coverstocks also have its sub-categories which include pearl coverstock, solid coverstock, and hybrid coverstock. All these are reactive coverstocks. If you want to get a wide ball motion, you would want to opt for reactive coverstocks.

Solid Reactive: This type of coverstock has the most significant number of reactive pores on the surface of the ball. In fact, the entire surface of the ball is covered with microscopic reactive pores.

Solid reactive coverstocks are known to come in a sanded finish, polish finish and buffed finish. This helps in controlling the surface friction.

Pearl Reactive: Pearl reactive coverstocks have a blend of mica material. The addition of mica roughens the pores present on the surface of the ball. This, as a result, extends the ball reaction on dry lanes.

The main advantage of using pearl reactive coverstocks is that they are highly reactive to the friction of the back end of the bowling lane. In other words, mica adds more sparkle to the surface of the ball.

Hybrid Reactive: The hybrid reactive coverstock is basically the combination of pearl and solid reactive coverstocks. It helps you to take advantage of both the coverstocks at once.

Hybrid coverstocks are best for both mid-lane and back end reaction. For players looking for aggressive coverstock can find their best choice in hybrid reactive. This is a popular choice for most modern players today.

Urethane: This type of coverstock can cover more boards on a lane. You may not know this but urethane is the base material used in other types of coverstock. For example, in hybrid and reactive resin.

Urethane balls are perfect for medium or completely dry lanes. If you want to control the reach of the ball in the mid-lane, using a urethane ball could be the best option for you.

Now that you know the different types of coverstocks, let’s break it down to you for the final time. The bowling world today makes use of the three main reactive coverstocks including pearl reactive, solid reactive and hybrid reactive.

These are all sub-categories of reactive resin coverstocks.

The strongest of all is the solid coverstock whereas the weakest of all is the plastic. However, this may not hold true every time. There have been instances where a pearl coverstock has beaten a solid coverstock.

If you are to participate in a bowling competition make sure that you have all the options lined up for you. It is always good to have all the available options at your disposal. This will help you to improve your performance and score.

Choosing the right coverstock at the right time has a huge role to play in your game. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, it’s your skills that matter the most. Practice hard and work on your skills. This is the best way to score high in bowling games.

Best Bowling Ball Brand

There are many reputed bowling ball companies out there. With so many options in hand, it usually becomes harder to decide which one is the best. 

If you are to invest your hard earned money in the right bowling product, you need to choose the best brands out there. 

Speaking of bowling ball brands, some new startups have brought innovative ideas to the marketplace. Though these companies are fresh in the bowling industry, they are actually doing better than their experienced competitors. 

Keeping all these things in mind, we have listed 5 of the best bowling balls brands out there. Let’s dive in.

Storm: Storm is one of the most popular and well-established bowling ball brand out there. The company started its business back in 1985. Founded by Bill Chrisman, the company provided quality ball cleaners for urethane balls.

Back then the company name was High Score Products. It was later in the year 1991 when they involved themselves in the manufacturing of their own brand of bowling balls. After a successful research they came up with the innovative line of bowling balls called Storm.

It took them three years to popularise their products in the market. Strom balls got so popular in the market that the company finally decided to change its name to Storm. 

Since then, Storm became one of the most dominant bowling ball companies in the market. The company manufactures products for people of all skill levels. 

However, they are mainly famous for their high-end products. The high-performance products made by them are quite popular among the players.

Ebonite: This is yet another famous brand of bowling balls existing out there. Ebonite operates under its parent company Ebonite International, which manufactures its own line of bowling balls. 

They produce bowling balls under the name Hammer which is equally popular. Ebonite has its headquarters located in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. They also have their main manufacturing facility located at the same location.

In 2007, the company acquired another giant bowling ball company named Columbia 300. Ebonite as a bowling brand produces the most excellent quality products. 

They are famous for their high-performance products. The company also provides a year’s warranty with each of their bowling balls. They have products for both beginners and professionals. 

When it comes to rank the bowling ball brands, Ebonite is one of the companies that are always on the top.

Brunswick: One of the biggest names in the bowling ball industry is Brunswick. The company is not only involved in the production of bowling balls, but they also have their own bowling ball equipment manufactured. 

Brunswick is such a big shot in the bowling industry that they even have their own bowling centers. The company is also involved in billiards, which is one of the main branches of the company. 

In fact, they have been into billiards since, 1845. They got engaged in bowling only after a few decades later in the 1880s. 

They saw a great opportunity in the growing demand for bowling equipment. They grabbed the opportunity, and the rest is history.

However, the company has recently given up their bowling business to BlueArc Capital Management, which is a private equity group. The big decision by the company was a major blow to the players. 

According to rumors, it is said that the lack of development and research led the company to take such a big decision. Even the quality of their products slipped for a while. 

However, in recent years, they have improved the quality of their products tremendously.

900 Global: After reviewing some of the big hotshots of the bowling industry, we have 900 Global which is a reasonably new company in the field. The company may be new to the business, but they sure know how to make a name for themselves. 

They have their headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. The company manufactures performance bowling balls for its buyers. They have balls for players of all skill levels. 

With the production of its high-performance balls, the company is slowly making its position strong and steady in the market.

Motiv: Founded during the periods of the 1990s, Motiv is one of the well-known companies in the bowling industry. Back then the company was famous for its bowling cores. 

In 2007, the company laid its focus on developing a new type of ball. They make use of the NeoMark graphics technology which improves the performance of the balls to a great extent. 

The company is only a few decades old, but its products are already quite popular among the bowlers. With its revolutionary super developed products, the company is quickly gaining the limelight in the industry.

The main focus of the company lies in revolutionizing the bowling ball technology and design. With its innovative ideas, the company was able to achieve its goals. 

Not only bowling balls, but they are also involved in the manufacturing of other ball equipment as well. 

They manufacture products for players of all skills levels. Both beginners and professionals have their options to choose from.

These are the top names in the bowling ball industry. Other than these well-known brands, you will find different other companies as well. 

But hey, these are the companies that have survived the competition and have proved their worth through their products. Note that, there are companies such as Lanemaster that went out of business unable to handle the competition. 

The companies mentioned in the list are known to meet the growing demands of the bowling industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main purpose of bowling handicap is to make the tournaments and leagues competitive and fair for everyone. This is usually done for the benefit of all levels of players. 

Bowling handicap system is used by most of the amateur bowling tournaments and leagues. The system allows you to compete with other bowlers with varying levels of ability and skills. 

This provides an equal chance of winning to the bowlers. In a nutshell, bowling handicap is the percentage difference between a basis average and your average.

Bowling thumb tape and bowling thumb sock are important for bowlers who bowl regularly. Here is the primary difference between the two:

Bowling thumb tape: Bowling tape is mainly used to improve your gripping action. In other words, it is used to fix the looseness inside the hole. 

However, bowling thumb tape is basically a smooth piece of tape that is wrapped around your thumb. This is also helpful in avoiding any sort of skin irritation.

Bowling thumb sock: Bowling thumb sock, on the other hand, is made of different materials like lycra. Instead of wrapping it around your thumb, you can wear it like a sock. 

This is more advanced than a bowling thumb tape. However, a bowling thumb sock too is used for improving your gripping action. The sock makes it comfortable to hold the ball.

There are different types of bowling pins including tenpins, duckpins, five pins, and candlepins. 

Bowling pins are made of gluing blocks of maple wood which are first given the approximate shape. The pins are coated with a plastic material after which they are painted with a glossy finish. 

Some pins are even made with synthetics. Currently, synthetic pins are more in use than wooden pins.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best bowling ball has a lot to do with your performance. If you want to achieve the perfect scores you should consider buying the balls mentioned in the list. 

I have included multiple products from Brunswick because of obvious reasons. Other than that, the list also contains Storm and Columbia 300 bowling balls as well. 

I would suggest you invest in Brunswick. According to my experience, I have always found Brunswick products to be better than the rest. 

If Brunswick doesn’t work for you, I would suggest you go for Storm. There is no doubt that Storm is the best bowling ball brand in the line. Hopefully, you have found my article helpful.