Top 8 Best Urethane Bowling Balls in 2023

Editors Pick: After researching most popular urethane bowling balls, we have found the Hammer Purple Pearl to be one of the best urethane bowling balls on the market right now. The hammer purple pearl urethane is about giving the user ultimate control over the entire lane. Using a pearlized coverstock, this bowling ball will be the perfect complement to using the black urethane bowling ball. Nothing is better than a proven old-school technology with a new-school hitting power. Right?

The evolution of bowling has been tremendous over the years. What was once a religious ceremony for the Germans, has grown to become a popular social game. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the bowling ball you choose has a significant influence on your game. This is why we bring to you, a comprehensive review of the best urethane bowling balls.

Urethane balls offer consistency in gameplay. According to Byron Toth, the owner of Toth’s Score Mor Pro Shop known for offering bowling training at Painesville, Ohio, “urethane shell balls are heavily weighted” which makes them better to control. These balls are curated for the pros. Further, as per PBA player Tommy Jones, urethane balls can be a boon in “demanding lane conditions”.

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Comparison Chart - Our Top Picks

Product NameHammer Purple PearlStorm Pitch BlackHammer Black WidowStorm Mix Urethane
ColorPurplePitch BlackBlackMultiple Colors
Weights(lb)14-1612-1612-166, 8, 10-16
CoverstockUrethane PearlControl Solid UrethaneUrethaneU1S Pearl Urethane
Factory Finish500/1000/2000 Abralon1000 Grit Sanded360/500/500 Abralon3500-grit Polished
Weight BlockLED CoreCapacitor CoreGas Mask CoreTraditional 3-piece
Core TypeSymmetricSymmetricAsymmetricSymmetric
Flare PotentialLow2" (Medium to Low)HighLow
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Designed for medium to light oil lanes, this dazzling purple urethane bowling ball is an all-rounder. Known to have been used by the pros in tournaments, this ball offers excellent control and predictability in performance.

With this ball, Hammer brings back the typical bowling experience of the 80’s back to the bowlers. 

Revamping the lightbulb core that was popular a few years ago, these urethane bowling balls brings an LED core. The ball offers great control even during tricky play situations and in backends. It carries a versatility that makes it suitable for all types of players.

Want To Know Why You Should Trust Us?

You might already have read about Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Balls in a lot of sites. But then why should you trust us when we claim that this is the best? We do not recommend any product to you without thoroughly analyzing it. 

We only look for the best of bowling balls from the best of brands that are trusted and recommended by the pros.

Why Should You Trust Our Judgment?

We do not give a biased opinion based on a single experience. Instead, we get a detailed study of the bowling ball done by a wide group of players. We shortlist from the best selling products in the market and then get them tested by our team of players. 

Only after days of using the ball do we present the review to you. This is how you can be sure that we are recommending to you nothing but the best bowling balls out there.

Our Review Process

We start by identifying the bestselling models from internationally popular brands. Later these are being filtered out with the best urethane bowling ball customer reviews in the market. Then, we make an in-depth study of the specifications of each of these products. After, shortlisting our favorites from the lot, we then get them tested by our in-house team. 

A scrupulous study comparing the features of the various products in the same segment is done. We get players with different proficiency levels to experience the ball to understand its overall performance. This is how we manage to come up with a cumulative list of the pros and cons of each product.

Top 8 Best Urethane Bowling Balls Review

Hammer Purple Pearl is the best urethane bowling ball on the market. We were looking for something that could be labeled as an all-rounder. This was when we stumbled upon the Hammer Purple Pearl. Combining utilitarian aspects with elegant styling, this ball delivers consistent shots.

  1. The first impression: It is no ordinary ball in terms of the looks. The striking purple color pearlized cover makes this urethane bowling ball stand out.
  2. Specifications: It comes with a symmetric core that features an LED design. The cover feels solid and doesn’t show scratches or other signs of wear and tear even after several bowling sessions.
  3. Weights available: 14, 15 and 16 lbs
  4. Suitable for: beginners, as well as intermediate players, can also benefit from this ball beside the pros. The ease of obtaining a hook with this and the smoothness of the trajectory deserve a special mention.
  5. Performance: smooth arc reactive curve


There is a good hitting power it delivers, and it builds the player’s confidence with the control it offers. If you need a go-to urethane bowling ball to show off your skills, then this is a great choice.


The Fast Pitch features the Controll XL Coverstock and the Tour Block Core. However, the Tour Block Core was also found in the Fever pitch. So, all they have done is wrap Fast Pitch in a new coverstock.

Okay, so we are going to compare Fast Pitch against Pitch Black today because both of these are true urethane. The Pitch Purple had a bit of a reactive blend, so we did not think that would be a fair comparison for this article.

Even though Fast Pitch and Pitch Black are both urethane bowling balls, you can expect the new coverstock on the Fast Pitch to be a little bit further down the lane and a little bit more continuous through the pin deck. And possibly hook a little bit more as well.

The oil pattern that we have chosen for this is Pegasus 36 feet. We chose this pattern because the urethane bowling ball typically looks really good on shorter patterns and not so good on medium to longer patterns.

Compared to the Pitch Black, the Fast Pitch Urethane Bowling Ball actually hooks quite a bit. It’s nice and round like a true urethane, starts up early, is very smooth and continuous. This ball also over hooks the Pitch Black by four to five boards easily.

Fast Pitch is renowned for its continuation through down lane. It does not have that sharp motion like a reactive wood on a shorter pattern. It definitely starts up nice and early and goes through the pins really well.

Now that you know what this urethane bowling ball is capable of, you can bring this to a tournament on a shorter pattern and be really confident that you have found something that will fit the bill superbly.


Predictable Performance

Porous coverstock

1000 Grit factory finish

Lightweight core design

Made Of

Control Urethane

Having alternatives is always better. Therefore we also bring to you the Storm Pitch Black urethane bowling ball that are close competitors to Hammer Purple Pearl.

Suitable for mid to low flare this comes with a symmetric weighted core. It features a solid urethane coverstock that is made porous. This is to absorb oil and to offer better reactive performance. 

The core is lighter in weight than most others in this segment. This makes it possible to obtain straighter shots. The Capacitor Core on this urethane bowling ball delivers a smooth roll. This makes it easier to understand your shots. It is a handy feature, especially if you are new to bowling. 

You need a lower RG (radius of gyration) for a better hook. Higher RG offers longer shots. This model offers low, mid, and high RG options to suit all types of players. 

It combines this with lower differentials so as to increase the length of the shot and also offer a better hook at the same time.




Smooth dependable Performance

Strong mid-lane reaction

360/500/500 Abralon finish

Gas Mask Core

Made Of

Urethane Cover Over Gas Mask Core

As a revamped version in the line of the iconic Purple Pearl, this one delivers urethane covered asymmetric core. It is one of the very few balls with asymmetric weighted core designs. 

This helps attain consistency in your shots. It can go a long way in obtaining a stable curve in crucial points of your game. This also is the reason why the ball offers a better flare on the lane. It reads the lane better and reacts earlier. 

The Hammer Black Widow is a great ball if you need some aggressive motion on the lane. It is available from 12-16 pounds and offers low to high RG values balanced with medium differentials. Therefore, you can expect a mid-flare with a flexible length of shots.




The Motiv Purple Tank features the flux core, an RG of 2.57, and a max differential of 0.015 in 15 pounds. Then wrapped around that flux core is the purple urethane cover. This is your true urethane; this is not microcell.

This ball comes out of a box at a 1000 grit laser scan sand. And the layouts on my two Purple Tank I have are 45x4x25 and 45×3.375×70.

The pin-up Purple Tank urethane bowling ball is the same layout that I have on my Desert Tank. I wanted to make sure I had the same layout to see the differences between them.

With the pin-down Purple Tank, I went with a solid pin to path and a very high VAL (Vertical Axis Line) angle. As a result, this ball will hook early and stop and be very smooth down lane.

Compared to the Desert Tank, the pin-up Motiv Purple Tank actually wants to slow down and stop down, which is a good sign. The Desert Tank does not want to stop. It gets down the lane and goes. The pin-up one does not boom down lane like other reactive resin balls or like the microcell balls.

On the other hand, the pin-down Motive Purple is incredibly smooth. It will let you play a little bit straighter and give you that true urethane shape.


Now we are looking at the Brunswick U-motion, a solid urethane from Brunswick.
This one is different than the True Motion, and it is all on the specs, so we’re going to jump right into it.

The Brunswick U-Motion features the solid urethane coverstock, the U-Motion core, and the color is deep dark purple. The cover type is urethane. It is not reactive resin, and the finish is 500-1000 Siaair micro pad. The numbers at 15 pounds are 2.596 RG with 0.020 differential.

This is a symmetrical solid bowling ball. Typically when you put those two things together (RG and Differential), you get a benchmark reaction, except in this case, it is not because this is your thing. This is not reactive resin, so this will not have the traditional shape like reactive resin bowling balls. Reactive resins tend to be cleaner in the front and boomy in the back.

Urethane bowling balls, on the other hand, like to hook right upfront. What is interesting is that the True Motion was a lot earlier in this ball, according to the specs. This ball is 2.596 RG, so it is high RG, and it is 0.020 differential. Not a lot of differential, but we can expect this ball to be very consistent.

Brunswick U-Motion Urethane ball will probably start up early but not as early as the True Motion, but it is still going to go long, and you might get a little movement in the back.

It’s worth noting that this ball has a dynamic core so that you will get 12 percent more hitting power coefficient of restitution. It comes at 1000 out of the box.

The nice thing about this bowling ball is it can be doubled as a spare ball as well. If you want to have an option in your bag and not have a plastic ball, Brunswick U-Motion Urethane Bowling Ball is your ball to go to.


Storm Mix is the perfect choice for beginners and as a spare ball. It has been found to be quite helpful in dry conditions; specifically, its high grit value of 3500 makes it easy to control on lanes with low friction levels like those seen in desert-dry settings.

Storm Mixes are too smooth for oily lane surfaces though – these balls will hook much later than they would on drier lanes where there’s more friction between your feet and the ground.

The ball is delivered undrilled in the center, so it has a significantly different weight distribution than the drilled one. The difference of RG can be as small as 0.006 and does not significantly affect how the ball reacts to pressure or spins when rolling down lane.

The balls are originally undrilled, and this means they do not react exactly like their counterparts who come with holes already punched out from drilling them for increased precision while playing.


This Urethane Bowling Ball features a brand new core – the Tour Block, RG 2.61, differential 0.030 for 15lb.

It also has a new power plus control pearl urethane coverstock, comes at a 2,000 grit Abralon finish.

The Storm Fever Pitch is something you want to use when you play up the lane and wish to have a really controlled motion.

Considering the upper scenario, the best practice for using Fever Pitch is when the lanes are either very dry, or you are bowling on a pattern where the back ends are very fresh, and you want to have a nice controlled motion.

It is worth noting that this urethane bowling ball has a different motion than the Pitch Black. The Fever Pitch has a little more down lane and is not as early as Pitch Black.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Urethane Bowling Ball

In the 80’s polyurethane coverstock balls were popular. The introduction of reactive resin coverstock after 1991 slowed down the progress of urethane balls. 

Recently this trend has resurfaced. Urethane bowling balls are not as porous as reactive resin balls. 

Therefore, you would not have to worry about the ball reacting and changing course based on the lane. This is one reason why these balls are said to be ‘predictable’. 

When you set out to pick a reliable urethane bowling ball, here are a few aspects to consider:

Core design:

In the Hammer Purple Pearl, we mentioned that the core comes in an LED design. When the urethane balls were popular in the 80’s the core design used was a lightbulb design. 

Each bowling brand has a different version of this shape replicated in its core. Compare and pick a urethane bowling ball with a core that blends traditional and modern design concepts.


Sanded and polished finishes are the most common options. Some are shinier on the lane and some duller. If you take the Hammer Purple Pearl, for example, it comes in 3 finishes- 500/1000/2000 AbralonTM finish. 

This is the level of sanding done with an Abralon pad on the surface of this urethane bowling ball. The difference shows in the ease of obtaining a hook. 

Sanded finishes offer better friction and therefore a more confident hold for beginners.


An optimal recommendation for choosing a urethane bowling ball is to pick one that weighs around 10% of your body weight. This will make the ball easier to control no matter what type of lane you play. 

Most popular balls like the one we reviewed, offer a variety of weights to pick from. 

Choosing one that is too heavy or too light concerning your body weight can hamper your performance.

RG and Differential:

RG indicates the radius of gyration and differential measures the flare potential of the ball. RG values are designed in the range 2.460” – 2.800”. 

Differential values fall in the range .01 – .08. Both of these are categorized into low, mid, and high. High RG denotes a longer shot. Higher differential means a higher flare or shorter shots.


Picking a ball from well-known brands means that you get to know about the ball before buying it. There are plenty of online reviews and feedback from actual players that give you every little detail. 

With all this, you can gather enough information to make a decision.

Urethane bowling balls are some of the most dependable options out there. However, you should also be open to trying the other types like plastic, reactive resin, and hybrid cover stock option.

Final Verdict

What works for one player doesn’t always have to work for another. Your lane conditions, your proficiency levels in the game, all have a role to play. 

Pick a urethane bowling ball that would build your confidence. Choose the right weight that will help you control your throw better. 

All this will make sure that you progress steadily in the game of bowling. This is why we recommend picking something versatile like the Hammer Purple Pearl, which is easy to use. 

Durability, performance, and power in your shots together improve your game tremendously.

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