900 Global Zen Soul Bowling Ball Review

900 Global Zen Soul Bowling Ball Review

Zen Soul Bowling Ball Review

Navigating the ever-evolving world of bowling can be quite the ride, especially when hunting for that faultless ball to amplify one’s game. Stepping into the spotlight is the Zen Soul bowling ball, and oh boy, is it turning heads in lanes across the board! If this name has not rung any bells yet or those bowling alley whispers haven’t reached those ears, here’s a quick heads up.

The Zen Soul is not just any bowling ball, it is where beauty meets power, the sweet spot between flair and function. While some might shrug it off as just another round object, seasoned bowlers beg to differ. This is not just a ball; it is the future of bowling!

Well, if you are still sitting there wondering, “Isn’t it just another bowling ball?” Take a pause. Imagine the Zen Soul as the coolest new sneaker drop everyone is talking about in the school courtyard.

But here is where things get even cooler in this Zen Soul bowling ball review. Instead of just listening to one person rave about it, we have got four. Yes, four seasoned bowlers all set to share their adventures with this ball.

From the highs of striking gold to the lows of those pesky gutter balls, and even those magical curve moments, they will spill all the beans. So, tie up those shoe laces and get comfy, because this is going to be one exciting bowling ball review!

In this review article, 900 Global Zen Soul has been compared with the following bowling balls.

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Bowler 1

Bowling has been a passion of mine for years, and as any enthusiast will tell you, the choice of a bowling ball is paramount. Recently, I got my hands on the brand new Zen Soul from 900 Global, and let me tell you, it feels like a game changer.

First Impressions

The moment I unboxed the Zen Soul, I was taken aback by its stunning aesthetics. This beauty has shades reminiscent of cotton candy and instantly reminded me of the Daredevil trick by Roto Grip. Deciphering its build, I was intrigued to find out it was a symmetric hybrid. The colors made me wonder about its composition, leading me to deduce that its three-color design is indicative of two parts being pearl and one part being solid, or vice versa. This unique combination can impact a ball’s performance significantly.

Performance On the Lane

Understanding how a ball rolls, especially when it is a hybrid, can be complex. If there is more solid in its track, the ball will generally be smoother, while a higher pearl content can alter its motion. The Zen Soul’s composition intrigued me in this aspect.

Earlier, I have been an ardent user of the 900 Global Zen – a pearl, known for its adaptability. With the introduction of the Zen Soul, a hybrid, I was curious if it would heighten its versatility. My initial experience suggested that the Zen Soul performs optimally earlier in a game. It might have a more extended playtime during a block, bridging the gap between the Zen and the Phaze II.

On my first day with the Zen Soul, I felt this ball was striking a balance somewhere between the Zen Master, which I have found to be stronger than the Phaze II, and the regular Zen. While comparisons with the Phaze II might seem ambitious, the Zen Soul did not disappoint. The lanes I played on were not in their prime condition. However, this is where the Zen Soul truly shone, especially when the asymmetric balls struggled a bit.

Technical Know-How

For those of you with a penchant for technicalities (like me), you would be interested to know that symmetric balls, like the Zen Soul, navigate the front more effectively. They do not lock up as swiftly in the front, which can be a significant advantage under specific conditions.

During my trial, I did adjust my stance and strategy with the Zen Soul. While I typically resort to upper decking the seven pin, with the Zen Soul, I was pleased with the smackdowns I achieved. The ball’s reaction and carry-through were commendable.

An often-debated topic among bowlers is the importance of having a mix of pearl, hybrid, and solid balls in their collection. From my personal experience, I find it more crucial to research the ball’s strength, the robustness of its cover, and its core. The Zen Soul, as a hybrid, has further solidified my belief in this.

Final Thoughts

Throughout my bowling journey, I have tried a multitude of balls, each with its unique characteristics. The Zen Soul stands out, not just for its captivating colors but its outstanding performance. Its range and adaptability are praiseworthy, and I genuinely believe this is a must-have for any serious bowler.
If you are seeking to elevate your game or just want a reliable, versatile addition to your bowling bag, the Zen Soul might just be what you need.

Bowler 2

Bowling has always been a cherished pastime of mine, and there is nothing like the thrill of trying out a new bowling ball. Recently, I got my hands on the new 900 Global Zen Soul and decided to take it for a spin. I had high hopes for this ball, especially after my experiences with its sibling, the Zen Master. Here is a comprehensive review of my experience.

First Impressions

It was intriguing to note that the Zen Soul belongs to the 900 Global family. For a moment, I mistakenly associated it with Roto Grip, but then I remembered they are almost from the same lineage. The anticipation for this ball was intense, especially since the Zen Master did not find a permanent place in my collection. I found it a tad too early and overtly smooth for my preference. I was looking for something cleaner but still retaining a certain level of smoothness.

Performance On The Lanes

Armed with the same 45 by four and a half by 45 layouts, I took the Zen Soul onto a 42-foot league condition. The lanes were undergoing some updates, so amidst the dust and noise, my main focus was on the ball motion.

I began my trial runs around the 9, 10, and 11 range. Interestingly, I often found myself aiming for the 8, 9, 10 and then ending up around 9 or 11. And even though my first throw was not on point – thanks to an unexpected phone interruption – subsequent attempts showcased the ball’s potential. It glided smoothly, blended perfectly, and struck with precision – much like the Roto Grip Gem, a ball I greatly admire.

Performance Analysis

The Zen Soul’s motion was distinct. It was clean, did not overreact, and had a smooth continuity. I loved how it tackled the lane, quite differently from the likes of the Bloody Ocean or the Black Pearl Treasure. The latter balls, I felt, reacted more abruptly when they hit dry patches, but the Zen Soul gracefully transitioned.

I experimented with various starting positions, from right to left. A consistent observation was the Zen Soul’s predictability. Even when I ventured leftwards, this ball managed to surprise me with its unwavering momentum and pin action.

And speaking of versatility, while the Gem is a marvel from the right side, the Zen Soul shines brightly when you’re going left. It is probably not as powerful as the Gem, but its symmetric build coupled with its strong cover makes for a delightful performance.

Going Beyond the Usual

Pushing boundaries, I tried more aggressive angles, even incorporating some loft. The result? The Zen Soul continued to impress, making sharp turns and maintaining its trajectory through the pins.

One thing stood out remarkably – the ball’s energy conservation. Unlike several other balls I have tried, the Zen Soul did not expend all its energy too soon. It made strong motions down the lane without compromising on its finishing power, a feature I found comparable to the renowned Gem.

Final Thoughts

In a world of evolving bowling technology, the 900 Global Zen Soul is proof of the innovation we see today. It’s a wonder how balls like these can be so potent yet retain pin action efficiency. The Zen Soul, with its strong cover and responsive nature, is a must-have in your bowling arsenal.

For those looking for versatility and performance, the Zen Soul is an exceptional choice. Whether you are an amateur bowler or a pro, this ball has something unique to offer. And from my recent experiences, it is a decision you won’t regret.

Bowler 3

In my continuous journey through the expansive world of bowling balls, many have come and gone, each offering a distinct experience. Yet, the new Zen Soul from 900 Global stood out almost immediately. Rooted in the legacy of its predecessors – the Zen and the Zen Master – this ball was touted as a harmonious blend of their best qualities. Keen to see if it lived up to the hype, I embarked on an explorative session with the Zen Soul, and here is what I have found out.

First Impressions

The Zen Soul, with its hybrid cover, positions itself uniquely between the Zen and the Zen Master. For those familiar with the bowling scene, the Zen has its reputation as a pearl cover, offering a clean finish, while the Zen Master is known for its robust, strong cover. The Zen Soul attempts to bridge the gap, combining the best of both worlds. Out of the box, its appearance leans more towards the Zen Master, with a slightly dulled finish.

Performance on the Lane

On a 41-foot sport shot named Montreal, I began my test. What struck me almost instantly was how controlled the Zen Soul’s movement was. As someone who has bowled alongside the world’s best, I have learned that control can be the difference between a good game and a great one. A ball’s behavior, especially when one misses a shot, can be a critical factor. Too erratic, and you are off the pattern, but the Zen Soul, with its early and smooth movement, gave ample room, even on fresh, challenging conditions.

It blended the pattern exceptionally well, neither too weak nor too strong. Getting to the pocket was a breeze. If I were in a competitive setup with this exact pattern, the Zen Soul would undoubtedly be my first choice.

I tried moving from the right towards 20-25 to give the ball some more shape. The response was consistent, even managing to carry Brooklyn – not once but twice!

The Middleman

Drawing a comparison, I would say the Zen Soul perfectly embodies the essence of both its predecessors. Those who found the Zen Master overpowering will appreciate the Zen Soul’s moderation. It is rolly without being overzealous, and its strength does not overpower, fitting just right in the middle of its counterparts.

However, it is worth noting that when I ventured further in on a fresh sports shot, the ball felt a tad too early for a big wheel shape. But in scenarios with more friction or on broken-down patterns, the ball would likely shine even more.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend the Zen Soul? Absolutely! If I had to rate my collection, this ball would rank quite high. It’s an all-rounder, versatile enough for various conditions and player styles.

Bowler 4

Having spent a significant amount of time at various bowling alleys, experimenting with countless bowling balls, it is always a pleasure to come across one that stands out. The 900 Global Zen Soul is one such gem. After extensively testing it in varied conditions, here is my firsthand account, peppered with some tricks I learned along the way.

First Impressions

From the first glance, the Zen Soul captivates with its low RG symmetrical design. The five-inch pin, based on the LS system, is distinctly a five by six by box finish. Drawing parallels, I found it imperative to compare its performance with the Zen. My anticipation was palpable.

Performance on the Lane

Once I started, the first thing I noticed was how the Zen Soul reacted. While the pin is tall for my style, the ball comes off the spot with an intensity that is a tad more than what the Zen master offers. The cleaner trajectory through the front, combined with a distinctive shape down the lane, left me convinced about its balance and potential.

The lane I bowled on presented a house pattern that was the perfect testing ground. As I adjusted and threw, the Zen Soul surprised me with its consistency. It was not just about how far it went; it was also about how well it continued its trajectory. That said, it is worth noting that the Zen is cleaner by about two to three boards, making it essential to adjust one’s shots accordingly.

Mastering the Zen Soul

A key observation is that the Zen Soul thrives on its long continuation window, a boon for bowlers like me. But there is a trick to maximizing its potential. When there is a deficit of oil in the lane’s front, it is wiser to play from a bit further right. Venturing too far in can be challenging, but it is not overwhelming, especially if you can master reading the Lane condition.

A drier house shot, however, means the ball tends to wear out slightly. This taught me to adapt my technique. By adjusting my grip – getting my hand up on the ball’s side and moving a little to the left – I could harness the Zen Soul’s full potential. The result? An enhanced hook, especially on oilier tracks.

Comparison with Zen

Switching to the Zen for a few shots offered an insightful contrast. Positioned four boards to the right of my Zen Soul shot, the Zen felt cleaner, sharper off the spot. But in terms of oil handling, the Zen Soul had the upper hand. It permits a broader range, letting me position myself two to four boards further left. It is a bowling ball that I would confidently recommend for nationals and for lanes with significant oil volume.

Final Thoughts

In essence, the Zen Soul stands tall, quite literally. The CG, right on my center line, reminded me of the Zen’s tall pin, albeit slightly more potent by a quarter inch. Both are drilled similarly, flaunting a box finish. In my books, the 900 Global Zen Soul is a winner, blending versatility with power, making it an invaluable addition to any bowler’s arsenal. If you are seeking balance, precision, and a touch of style, the Zen Soul might just be your perfect match.

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