Storm Nova Bowling Ball Review

Storm Nova Bowling Ball Review

Storm Nova Bowling Ball Review

Picture this: dim lights, the rhythmic rumble of rolling balls, and the distant crash of pins. In the midst of this typical bowling alley ambiance, a new star emerges – the Storm Nova bowling ball. This is not just any ball, it is a game-changer, and for those in the bowling community, it is quickly becoming the talk of the town.

In the sea of strikes and spares, the Nova is making waves. It is like the cool new kid in school that everyone is curious about. So, why all the buzz? Is it worth adding to your bowling arsenal? Let’s dive deep into this Storm Nova Bowling Ball review, unraveling the ins and outs of this intriguing ball. But hey, do not just take my words for it!

Here is the deal: Four bowlers, all different styles and skills, gave this ball a whirl. They are about to spill the beans on how it felt, how it rolled, and if it really lived up to the hype. It is one thing to hear from the experts, but real-world experiences? That is the golden ticket.

Navigating the world of bowling balls can be a bit like trying to score a perfect 300: challenging but oh-so-rewarding when you find that perfect fit. And if phrases like “hook potential” or “lane conditions” sound like another language, no worries! Just stick around.

Our bowlers will tell the tales and break down any bowling jargon in the process. After reading this article to the end, everything will be as clear as a perfect game. Sound interesting? Let’s roll!

These are the bowling balls we have compared Strom Nova with.

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Bowler 1

For anyone keenly following the world of bowling, you might have heard about the latest addition to the Storm family, the Storm Nova. I recently got my hands on this gem and decided to share my firsthand experience, tips, and tricks while bowling with this powerhouse. Let’s delve right in.

First Impressions

From the get-go, the Storm Nova caught my attention with its Ignition core and R2X cover stock. It feels slightly weaker than many of the asymmetric bowling balls I have tried, yet this turned out to be an advantage. The Ignition core, popular in many overseas balls, particularly the Gate series(discontinued), promised me an experience similar to the Lock – one of my all-time favorites. The comparison was inevitable.

Performance On the Lane

During my practice at UNLV, I noticed the ball seemed to favor the shinier side, which logically makes sense given its slightly weaker cover. Taking steps to the left and aiming for the hook, I realized the Nova might be a tad too strong for the standard house shot I was practicing on. My advice for future Nova wielders would be to retain it in the oil for best results, ensuring it maintains enough energy to strike the pins optimally.

Comparing it with the Lock, the pinned-down version of the latter picked up faster upon meeting friction, making me speculate that the Lock is actually weaker than the Nova. This was unexpected and a point of interest for those who love drawing parallels between their bowling balls.

As I shifted my attention to the Roto Grip counterpart, the RST X1, I was met with a ball that exuded strength both cover-wise and core-wise. The X1 stands out for its heavy pickup and inclination to move forward through the pins. That is the primary difference I felt when comparing it with the Nova.

Versatility Challenge

Challenging the Nova’s adaptability, I embarked on a five-arrow challenge. The Nova showed its might, proving its versatility across different zones. But a word to the wise, while the ball effortlessly tackled the third and fourth arrows, the fifth and sixth proved tricky. The lane’s transition was not quite in Nova’s favor. Attempting to loft the gutter on a house shot was not the best strategy, given the intense friction – a lesson I quickly learned. However, I predict the Nova will excel effortlessly on flatter, harder patterns with more oil.

Final Thoughts

The Storm Nova, with its captivating features, has proven to be a force to reckon with on the lanes. Its versatility is commendable, although, like all balls, it has its sweet spots. My recommendations? Get acquainted with Nova’s preferences, and you are in for a game-changing experience.

For those who take bowling seriously and are always on the lookout for that next game-enhancing ball, the Storm Nova is a contender worth considering. Whether you are a seasoned player or someone looking to elevate their game, the Nova might just be the ally you are searching for. Happy Bowling!

Bowler 2

Bowling has always been a sport of precision, strategy, and having the right equipment. Recently, I had the privilege to test out the brand-new Nova from Storm, and boy, was it an experience worth sharing! So, if you are a bowling enthusiast like myself, gear up because I am about to dive deep into the nuances, characteristics, and performance of this bowling ball.

First Impressions

Upon first glance, the Nova stood out with its Ignition core, a feature new to North America, albeit popular overseas. Encased in the R2X hybrid cover stock, the Nova instantly struck me as a piece designed for significant movement. For a comprehensive assessment, I pitched it against two formidable contenders: the Proton Physix, hailed as the most hooking ball in all of bowling, and the RST X1.

Performance On The Lanes

I tested the Nova on two distinct patterns: Mercury on the left lane and a standard house shot on the right. From the outset, it became apparent that this ball wasn’t keen on going from left to right. Its behavior somewhat mirrored the Zen Master’s. I had to slow down my throws considerably to really see the Nova in its element. And let me tell you, when it hooks, it HOOKS! The ball commands patience. You need to give it time to react, or it is just going to roll prematurely without much action down the lane.

For those who regularly bowl on oil-heavy conditions with high ratios, the Nova is a dream come true. It manages oil seamlessly, ensuring predictability and a smooth trajectory. Personally, I found that moving my eyes to the left allowed the ball to react more impressively in the oiled house condition.

Versatility Challenge

When positioned against the RST X1, the Nova’s early roll is evident. The X1 offered a tad more pop at the end of the lane, making it better suited for tighter plays. In contrast, the Nova shined when played a bit straighter, especially in oil-rich environments.

As I ventured onto the medium challenge pattern of Mercury, spanning 40 feet, the Nova is early rolling and predictability came to the forefront. The ball was pure elegance on fresh oil. However, as I shifted further left, the ball’s performance started tapering off a bit. My advice? Stick to playing it straighter and maintaining speed for optimal results.

Final Thoughts

The Storm Nova Bowling Ball is eerily reminiscent of the Zen Master. If you are in the market for a high-end, smooth, and exceedingly predictable ball, the Nova should be on your radar. However, if you are seeking something sharper, you might lean toward the Roto Grip RST X1.

Either way, my experience with the Nova was memorable. For those who regularly bowl in fresh oil conditions, this ball might become your best friend on the lanes.

Bowler 3

If you have been on the hunt for an asymmetrical hybrid bowling ball that packs a punch, you are in for a treat. Having recently tested the Storm Nova, I am thrilled to share my firsthand experience, insights, and even a few tips for those considering this powerhouse.

First Impressions

From the very start, the Storm Nova caught my attention with its impressive design and vibrant pink and green swirl. It’s not just a delight for the eyes; the ball features an intriguing apple cherry slush scent that is strong yet not overpowering.

Technical Insights

Storm Nova boasts the Ignition weight block, which for a 15-pound ball, has an RG of 2.49, a max differential of 0.52, and an intermediate differential of 0.19. This combination makes the Nova a highly potent, early-rolling asymmetrical ball. Additionally, the ball is wrapped in the R2X hybrid cover stock with a 3000 finish.

Performance On The Lanes

During my initial tries, I started off straight, and the Nova did not disappoint. It was a bit early but also showcased an admirable shape. As I progressed, moving slightly left, the ball’s strength in oil was evident. The more I shifted, the better the Nova performed, especially while keeping it in the oil.

Comparing it to other balls in its class, the Nova’s motion reminded me a bit of the Reality. It is certainly not one to shy away from early read and provided a decent amount of shape down the lane. This ball is not as shapely as some others out there, but for its class, it delivers a satisfying performance.

Versatility Challenge

A few challenges did present themselves when I ventured too far left, a part of the lane where I have historically faced issues. When my execution was spot on, the ball performed exceptionally. However, a slight deviation resulted in less than desirable outcomes. That being said, when I moved right, especially playing straighter than usual, the Nova surprised me with its remarkable efficiency.

If you are planning to use the Nova, I would advise keeping your angles a bit more shut down, especially when in the oil. If you can strike a balance, this ball will reward you with a reliable performance.

Final Thoughts

The Storm Nova has certainly made an impression. It sits comfortably between “love” and “like” in my book. Comparing it to others, it has an edge over the Zen Master and Dark Code. However, I am eagerly waiting to test it alongside the Storm Reality, which has been a personal favorite. With a tournament lined up on the gateway arch pattern, the Nova is a must-have in my bag. It promises to be an exciting journey, especially on patterns with a bit more volume.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned bowler, the Storm Nova brings a blend of power and precision to the lanes. It is a worthy addition to any arsenal. I hope my insights and experience help guide your decision. Until next time, keep bowling and keep striking!

Bowler 4

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to test out the Nova by Storm at the BowlerX Pro Shop and Training Center located in Waterford Lanes. Having heard much buzz around this new addition by Storm, I was eager to get my hands on it and see if it lived up to the hype. And I was not disappointed!

First Impressions

First and foremost, let’s talk about its appearance. The green, pink, and black design of the Nova bowling ball immediately caught my attention. It has a vibrant and unique look that sets it apart from other balls in the market. The color combination is not just attractive but also offers a great visual cue while tracking the ball’s motion down the lanes.

Performance on the Lanes

I started with my typical 45 by four and a half by 45 layouts, taking the Nova out on a fresh house condition of 42 feet. The ball’s performance was nothing short of outstanding. Despite being a solid bowling ball, I was genuinely surprised by its ability to float effortlessly through the dry parts of the lane.

One aspect that truly stood out to me was the Nova’s clean cover. Many solid bowling balls I have encountered previously tend to read early, but the Nova provided an astonishingly smooth motion, not reading too early or overreacting. Even on dry patches, it maintained its course without any abrupt hooks or drastic changes in direction.

For those who have been with me on my bowling journey, I have often leaned towards bowling balls that offer cleaner covers with sharp downline angles, especially from Storm. The Dark Code and RST X2 have been personal favorites, but the Nova brings a fresh perspective on what a solid bowling ball can achieve.

Versatility Challenge

What impressed me further was its versatility. With the Nova, I was able to play both straight and around the lane. It never once gave an impression of losing momentum or control. Whether I was throwing it straight, keeping a forward hand position, or even rotating my fingers for stronger shots, the Nova responded beautifully. I even tried adjusting my hand position by tilting my fingers towards my left knee, and the resulting shots had a pronounced and controlled impact, showing the ball’s adaptability to different techniques.

In my extensive bowling experience, it is rare to find solid bowling balls that offer such a range of responses. The Idol Helios previously held a special place in my heart for this, but the Nova, being an asymmetric version, is a definite contender for the top spot.

Final Thoughts

The Storm Nova Bowling Ball is a revelation in the world of solid bowling balls. It offers unmatched versatility, control, and aesthetics, making it a must-have for professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you are someone who likes to play straight or someone who loves to experiment with different hand positions and techniques, the Nova promises not to disappoint.

If you haven’t tried this bowling ball yet, I highly recommend giving it a spin. Whether you get it from BowlerX or any other pro shop, make sure to add this gem to your collection. In my books, the Nova by Storm is not just a bowling ball; it’s a game changer.

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