Storm Summit Bowling Ball Review

Storm Summit Bowling Ball Review


In this Storm Summit Bowling Ball Review, we will discuss how powerful this bowling ball is. And in order to prove that, we will take the words from 3 different highly experienced bowlers who will share their lane experiences with us. To those of you who are not familiar with Storm Summit bowling ball, here are some quick words for you.

The Storm Summit is hailed as the strongest symmetric ball ever created by Storm. Wrapped in the TX-23 Hybrid Reactive coverstock, an advanced version of the popular TX-16 on the Phaze II, the Summit promises an unparalleled bowling experience. Its core, the Centripetal HD, boasts the innovative A.I. (Amplified Inertia) outer core, adding a unique geometrical twist to enhance its strength.

In this review article, we have compared Storm Summit with the following bowling balls…

Review Highlights of the Storm Summit Bowling Ball

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Performance Analysis: The Summit exhibits a powerful mid-lane presence, getting an early grip with its TX-23 Hybrid coverstock, ensuring a pronounced footprint down the lane. Compared to the Phaze II, the Storm Summit Bowling Ball picks up slightly earlier, offering around 2-3 boards of added strength, making it suitable for oilier conditions.

Versatility: This ball showcases its capability in both house and tournament conditions, showing adaptability and effectiveness across various patterns. The Storm Summit shines especially in tournament settings with higher oil volumes, allowing bowlers to navigate the lanes with precision and power.

Comparative Analysis: When compared with the Phaze II, the Summit tends to play deeper on the lane, offering more angularity and sharper moves. Yet, it remains controllable and stable, making it a suitable choice for both competitive tournaments and casual league plays.

Bowler Feedback: Many bowlers have expressed their admiration for the Storm Summit’s performance. Its robust and consistent trajectory, especially when confronted with oilier conditions, proves its superior design and build. Despite its strength, the Summit offers an impressive lane length and sharpness in its hook, reminiscent of a supercharged IQ Tour.
Now it is time to dive into how other pro bowlers have reviewed Strom Summit Bowling Ball.

Bowler 1

I was filled with anticipation when I first got my hands on the new Storm ball, The Summit. Having heard the chatter in the bowling community and among Storm staffers, many were drawing comparisons between The Summit and the Phaze II. The Phaze II was undeniably iconic with its solid cover. The Summit, however, is built with a hybrid cover, suggesting a variation in its performance on the lanes.

First Impressions: Before rolling The Summit for the first time at Waterford Lanes’ BowlerX Pro Shop and Training Center, I noticed I was testing it on lanes that had not seen recent action. The lanes were not freshly conditioned; they had been resting for a few days during the summertime, which meant they had flattened out a bit. Despite this, I wanted to see if The Summit would stand out, especially since it was designed for a 44-foot lead condition.

Performance and Reaction: The layout of my Summit was distinctly 45 by 5 and a quarter by 45 with a longer pin. Given its reputation for a blended response, I was keen on flaring Just A Pinch less to maximize its overall motion down the lane.

I initially started straighter, and The Summit surprised me. Contrary to my expectation of an early hook, it rolled smoothly and did not overreact. Shifting my position five pins left, the ball continued to impress. It expertly picked up the dry patches and displayed a steady roll without any sudden jerky motions.

The more I tested The Summit, the clearer its potential became. The ball had a reliable mid-lane read, consistently picking up even on lanes with carry down. Its ability to read earlier and roll smoothly through patches, instead of abruptly hooking, seemed perfect for combating challenging lane conditions.

Tackling Different Lanes: As I ventured further left, edging close to the ball return, The Summit demonstrated a commendable ability to adjust. A few shots, particularly when I sent them too far right, did not roll as expected, but that’s part of the game. Most importantly, when positioned correctly, the ball consistently rolled up in a way that could be described as benchmark-worthy.

A neat little trick I discovered was the role of finger positioning. By spreading my fingers out and keeping my pinky extended, I achieved more stability, and the ball slid right off my hand effortlessly, improving my shots’ accuracy and rotation.

Bowler 2

Ever been at a point where you felt you were holding sheer power and finesse in your hands? That is the sensation I felt with the Storm Summit bowling ball- the latest and undoubtedly the greatest symmetrical bowling ball I have ever experienced.

The Apex of Symmetrical Bowling Balls: Storm Summit is not just any regular ball but the pinnacle in symmetrical bowling ball engineering. With its Low RG and high differential, you are looking at the absolute peak of ball technology. It features a hybrid cover stock which makes it not only unique but a force to be reckoned with on the lanes.

Specifications and What They Mean: The RG stands at a low 2.46. For those unfamiliar, RG is the measure of how fast a ball spins. A lower RG means the ball spins up much faster, letting it read the front and middle parts of the lane more intensely than your traditional symmetrical balls. This feature ensures that the Summit offers a rapid spin, giving you a robust performance.

Moreover, with a differential of 0.056, it indicates a higher flare potential. More flare essentially translates to more hook. Think of hook as a measure from front to back; this ball is designed to read the lane earlier and come off the spot with vigor. It is fascinating how numbers typically reserved for asymmetric balls are manifested in this symmetrical masterpiece.

Hybrid Cover Stocks – Love Them or Hate Them: There is always been a divide when it comes to hybrid cover stocks. I have tried bowling balls like the Code Red, UFO Alert, and the Physix. They are versatile, suitable for various distances and oil types. Then there are balls like Zen and Zen Soul which are more specialized, filling specific roles in my bowling arsenal. The Storm Summit, with its hybrid cover, stands out, offering a range that’s both comprehensive and specialized.

Drawing parallels, the core of the Summit is reminiscent of the Marvel series, especially with the Marvel core being a personal favorite of mine. Additionally, the Summit’s cover stock, designated Tx23, is an evolution of the Tx16, melding the best of both worlds for optimal performance.

On the Lane – Performance & Versatility: While bowling at Gold Coast Bowling Center (shoutout to them for always being fantastic hosts), the Storm Summit’s performance was nothing short of stellar. Its capability to chew up the lanes and provide an exceptional hook makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of players. Whether you are a low-rev, high-speed player or someone with more power, the Summit has something in store for you.

The ball’s strong reaction, especially its early pick up, is noteworthy. It feels like the lovechild of a Marvel and a Phaze II, bringing together the best attributes of both into a single, evolved bowling ball for the modern game.

Bowler 3

I have always been a lover of Storm’s bowling balls. Their reputation for producing game-changing equipment is hard to rival. So, when I heard about their latest release, the Summit, touted as their strongest symmetric ball ever made, I could not resist putting it to the test. Here is what I discovered.

The Setup: In my quest to understand the Summit’s true potential, I decided to compare it against two benchmark symmetrical giants from Storm – the GOAT Phaze II and the Storm Axiom. I chose the 40-foot Stonehenge challenge pattern for my trials, balancing the difficulty to get an honest read from each ball.

First Impressions: The Summit boasts of the centripetal HD inner core, encased by the all-new AI outer core. Completing its structure is the TX23 hybrid cover stock. Before even taking it for a spin, it was clear that Storm was pushing boundaries with this one.

Battle of the Beasts: I started with the Phaze II, a personal favorite and one that many, including me, label as perhaps the best bowling ball ever made. On the Stonehenge pattern, it provided a predictable bend in the back end. Predictable, smooth, and powerful.

Next came the Axiom. Despite being one of Storm’s strongest symmetric balls, it’s always felt a tad early and too smooth for my style. However, its raw strength made it perfect for comparison. The Axiom did impress, hooking more than the Phaze II.

Finally, the Summit. Keeping the same line as the Axiom, the Summit showcased its power. It hooked even more aggressively than the Axiom, which already speaks volumes about its capability. And when I say aggressive, I mean this ball truly cornered. It is undeniably the strongest symmetric ball I have ever rolled. Even online buzz agrees with my experience; this is a beast of a ball.

Adjustments and Comparisons: Due to its immense strength, I had to adjust my position multiple times to get the Summit to the pocket. But once I found the sweet spot, it was evident how adaptable and potent this ball could be, especially when compared to the Axiom.

It was evident that the Phaze II was sharper down the lane by throwing it from the same spot as the Summit. But the Summit’s earlier and smoother action might make it more appealing to some bowlers, especially those looking to shift left sooner.

So, Do they recommend Storm Summit?

We got 3 yeses. The Storm Summit is an ideal addition to any bowler’s arsenal, bridging the gap between the Phaze II’s continuous clean run and the need for added strength in more challenging conditions. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a casual league player, the Summit promises to elevate your game to new heights.

Closing Thoughts

Storm Summit Bowling Ball has the makings of an excellent benchmark ball. Its strength lies in blending the lane, particularly areas to the right of the fourth Arrow. Whether you are dealing with league conditions that start getting over-under or facing tournament conditions with distinct oil patterns, The Summit seems well-equipped to tackle them head-on, thanks to its potent hybrid cover.

Bowling is a sport of precision, strategy, and continuous learning. With ball like The Summit and the right approach, you are well on your way to mastering your game. Until next time, keep rolling and striving for that perfect strike!

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