Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball Review

Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball Review

Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball Review Image

Are you desperately looking for one of the most aggressive bowling balls ever made by Storm? You have come to the right place. Today we are going to dissect one of a kind, the Storm Crux Prime bit by bit and explain all the positive aspects of using it in your game. That being said, ready to take your bowling experience to the next level?

Let’s dive into the Storm Crux Prime Review.

Overview of The Storm Crux Prime Review

Ball Spec:

For starters, the asymmetrical catalyst core from the crux series is back. There have been several crux releases over season last couple years since the Alpha. But Storm Crux Prime is the first stateside one in a couple of years.

The big news, though, is the coverstock. Storm Crux Prime’s SPEC Solid Reactive is a brand new formula that should theoretically revolutionize the industry.

In heavy oil lanes, this ball encounters midlane friction, digs harder in downlane, and continues through the pin without losing its power. There are a lot of good things you can say about this storm bowling ball.

However, there are a few significant points to hit. The absorption rate is prolonged. So, it is very slow to soak up the oil, virtually negligible, which means incredible longevity.



Features of Storm Crux Prime

Storm Crux Prime is going to maintain its reaction and will last much longer than other balls out there. That also happens to blow a pretty big hole in the new USBC spec regarding absorption rate or speed.

A lot of people thought that this would limit ball technology progression going forward.

But this opens up a whole new world as this cover proves that the absorption rate has absolutely nada-none to do with how much a ball hooks.

Obviously, you are required to do your regular ball maintenance. It is not an Everlasting Jawbreakers or anything. But it is a huge step forward for durability and longevity. 

Let’s take a look at the core features of Strom Crux Prime bowling ball.

1. Consistency:

Now a big thing you would like to know is that Storm Crux Prime is super readable and very consistent downlane. This is another feature of the new cover that we’ll talk about in a minute.

A major thing that should stand out by now is how much power and energy it retains for how relatively slow it is in the backend. It doesn’t turn sideways by any means and it keeps the pins insanely low.

The lower the pins stay, the better because that increases pin action. That basically looks like it gets to the pocket and just overwhelms the pins.

However it’s not a magic ball. I am in no way insinuating that with this crux, you’re going to have some flat tens here and there. But we did kick out a fair bit more than usual.

It’s a very common pin for us to leave, but we dug several out, so that was noticeable.

And we didn’t leave anything on the left side on lighter hits. Sometimes you’ll get that light makes to seven when the ball gets to the spot and burns up a little.

2. Clinical Adhesion:

When the prime starts moving, it does not quit. It is slow but methodical.

And that is a result of another feature this cover has, which is clinical adhesion, basically, what that means that the cover material wants to cling to dry boards.

In contrast, most bigger hooking balls tend to burn energy and stand up or quit or roll out what have you when they hit friction.

This material actually wants to stick to the lane. This helps it sustain the same entry angle as you get further inside with steeper angles as the lanes transition. So instead of standing up or rolling out, the prime is still going to pick up and deliver.

3. Crux Prime Reaction

Crux Prime seemed to respond well to whatever we wanted to do with it, and other balls can have some limits. Let’s do a brief discussion over Storm Crux Prime vs. other bowling balls of the same kind.

Storm Crux Prime vs Sure Lock:

The Sure Lock, for example, handle angle better than playing straight. It’s quicker on friction, so it was more challenging to play further right with.

Crux Prime vs Halo vs Idol:

The Halo and the Idol, on the other hand, prefer staying straighter they get a little slow and lazy from deeper angles. The prime would do virtually anything we wanted it to. The reaction in shape felt the same no matter where we were at on the lane. It was very comfortable to throw, and it gave us a lot of confidence in execution.

Taking Care of Storm Crux Prime

The Storm Crux Prime is a high-performance bowling ball that requires proper care and maintenance to keep it in good condition. I am giving you a few quick and short tips based on how I take care of my Storm Crux Prime:

  1. Although Storm Crux is slow to soak up lane oil, I still use microfiber towels to wipe away any residual oil on the ball during my game session. Note that microfiber towels can also be used for cleaning the ball after it has come in contact with rubber markings from the pit cushions or ball return units.
  2. I apply cleaners and polishers by hand using a microfiber towel.
  3. In my opinion, Storm Reacta Foam is a great bowling ball cleaner you can consider buying for cleaning your Storm Crux Prime.

However, Storm Crux Prime’s new SPEC coverstock is designed to withstand the rigors every bowling ball endures each time it takes a trip down the lane, namely, the friction and oil it encounters.

Suitability for different types of lanes

The Storm Crux Prime is a versatile bowling ball that can be used for various lane conditions. According to Storm Bowling’s official website, the Crux Prime is the strongest ball in their lineup and is ideal for players who prefer a straighter trajectory out of the box. It is also mainly recommended for use in heavy oil conditions and for those seeking a ball with a strong hook. To further customize the ball’s performance, it can be paired with a low-pin drill and the Crux Prime power control feature. It is also recommended for use in heavy oil conditions and those looking for a ball with a large hook.

Advantage of Using Storm Crux Prime

In our Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball review, the idea is to give you a ball that maintains its reaction longer, and that still reacts well and knocks the pins down.

As you can see, it’s very strong, very heavy rolling, fairly slow revving and slow but decisive on friction.

This is going to give you a lot of room to get to the pocket on more comfortable conditions like league and a lot of control over tougher ones.

Drawbacks and Limitations:

  1. The Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball has a durability issue, as it does not last long.
  2. The cover stock of the ball is prone to cracking, which can affect its performance.
  3. The warranty for the product is minimal, which may not provide adequate protection for customers in case of defects or issues with the product.

Wrapping Up

Again though, this is not a magic ball. If you make bad shots, bad things are probably still going to happen.

The essential facts to remember here is that this ball is going to maintain its reaction a lot longer and it’s going to dig in on the friction better. We never felt like this ball was burning up or quitting.

On those unfortunate misses, sometimes we got it in too much oil or made a human error, but the way the prime dug in on the friction and still had authority on the lane and at the pocket was noticeable.

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