How to Spin a Bowling Ball in 2023

That curve a pro unleashes from a ball spin can easily be one of the most arresting maneuvers on the lane. The spinning motion depends on the axis tilt generated by the rotating axis of the ball that is delivered down the lane. And in this guide, we are going to discuss about how to spin a bowling ball like a pro.

Any bowling spectator will be amazed by a hook release more than a straight ball delivery. To cause a hook from spinning the bowling ball is not an easy feat. It will definitely take a lot of mastery to achieve, but it’s going to be very fulfilling to the bowler once he has accomplished it.

Spin a Bowling Ball

Getting ready for the spinning action

So, you want to learn how to spin a bowling ball? First, you have to make sure that your fingers fit right in the finger holes, which allows the right amount of pressure while holding it with your dominant hand. 

Find out the type of core your ball has by checking its pin/s. A single pin means it has a symmetrical core while having two pins means it’s asymmetrical. It would be best if you also determined the right bowling ball weight by using a ball that weighs 10 percent of your body weight.

Executing the spin - how to curve a bowling ball

a) Identify Your Pocket:

For the lefties, this is the spot between pins 1 and 2 while the righthanded individual, it is somewhere in between pins 1 and 3.

b) Grip Your Ball:

To create a spinning motion, you should hold the ball like you’re cradling it with your inner wrist and palm. This should form a 90-degree angle when viewed on the side. When done successfully, it should result in a hook.

c) Align Your Stance:

You should be in the horizontal midpoint of the lane as this will allow the ball to curve on either side and target your pocket entry.

d) Decide on Your Approach:

For the righthanded bowler, start with the right foot using one forward step while the ball is held over it with the empty hand providing support. Follow through with a left footstep and form a circular arm motion with your active hand.

e) Your Wrist and Arm are straight:

On your second step with the right leg from your approach, your active hand is at its highest backswing. The ball will spin if you keep both your arm and wrist straight instead of twisting them.

f) Drop the Ball on the Final Step of Your Approach:

Your active hand should pass your left foot before the ball release when it reaches your laces. Your thumb would go out first, followed by the other two fingers. Along with a slight rotation from the wrist and swinging motion of your arm, this will spin the bowling ball when dropped on the lane.

You might not get this right the first, second, or third time. In other words, practice is key. Once you’ve achieved it, it doesn’t stop there – you should be consistent. That’s the only time you can claim success in your learned technique.

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