How to Throw a Bowling Ball For Straight And Hook Shot

How to throw a Bowling Ball for Straight and Hook Shot

People from all occupations can enjoy a simple game – bowling. Read more to get a grip on using the bowling ball and learn pointers about throwing the perfect hook and straight shot. Today, you too can learn how to throw a bowling ball.

Did you know? Bowling is rewarding as a sport if you master a few things like scoring a strike as you see the pins go down.

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Choosing the Right Bowling Ball and Gear

Bowling with custom or suitable bowling balls will increase your consistency and scores. However, with so many size options out there, it is a daunting task to pin it down without consultation from a local pro-shop. Learning how to throw a bowling ball is easy if you have the right bowling ball at your disposal.

Bowling Ball Weight

Ideally, a bowling ball should be 10% of your body weight, with the highest weight at 16 pounds. Hence, most pro bowlers out there use 16-pounders! Although, it is always ideal to choose the right weight before start throwing a bowling ball.

Another way to look at this is by adding one or two pounds to the bowling ball that you use. Even with the specific guidelines, you do not need to use a pre-determined weight out of rule. Besides, the optimal ball is the one you feel comfortable throwing on the lane. 

As for you to decide which bowling ball you should use in the beginning, a plastic bowling ball can always be helpful. However, reactive resin beginner balls will also help you in the process if you can afford to buy one.

Bowling Ball Equipments

Before you venture into learning the ‘moves’ you do need to get ahold of gloves or the fitted shoes. 

However, you will have a noticeable upper-edge if you rent or buy especially bowling shoes because they can help with your support and grip. Not only that, but bowling shoes can also save you from tripping and getting yourself injured.

While gloves are not necessary, it will be best practice if you have built on that bowling stance a little. Once you have mastered the craft of “the other” things, it is time you become aware of the ball you choose.

As well as that, options are available to get pre-drilled bowling balls. But, if you are planning to take a ball to the pro-shop, you might as well pay for custom drilling. Also, customized services are inexpensive and worth it in the long-run.


Indeed, patience is a virtue that bowling demands. As you first hold the drilled ball in your hand, you will find it a little difficult to grip. With a bit of practice and awareness, you will find it comfortable eventually.

However, bowling is not rocket science. First, you choose the right bowling ball and opt for custom drilling or not. 

Second, you find the best gear, such as bowling shoes that strengthen your stance. 

Third, breathe, keep your hand steady, grip the bowling ball, and let your fingers do the trick. Indeed, play the game, learn the basic moves, and become a Gamemaster!

How To Throw A Bowling Ball - The Basics

A bowling alley is an intimidating place for first-timers. Apart from that, groups sound intimidating and distract new bowlers. 

Also, do not let the continuous striking of pro bowlers overwhelm you, hence, no running for the exit! Understood? People can relate to this fluttery feeling, yet, have a good time, thereby knowing the basics of the game.

Okay, now that you have the right bowling ball and gear at your disposal, it’s time to start with gripping the bowling ball properly. If you opt for the rental bowling balls, learn the conventional grip.

Firstly, you need to find the three finger holes for your middle finger, ring finger, and thumb. Secondly, from your bowling arm, place your middle and ring fingers side-by-side, while the third one is for your thumb. Only insert them until the second knuckle and do not go any deeper to prevent release point difficulties. 

It is wise to use both hands to assure the balance of holding a bowling ball and for your fingers to give proper support.

Now that you have got the hang of things, try swinging it with one hand. Use an underhanded manner so that you can start feeling how and when to throw your bowling ball. 

Besides, keep a calm demeanor and respect those around you in the bowling alley. You are likely to play a game with a ten-pin setup, in shape a triangle. 

Be aware of the metal gutters on every lane because they can affect your score, well, they probably will initially. But you will get going without bothering if you practice more often.

Okay, so once you’ve understood the basic aspects, it is time that you throw the ball effectively. In order to throw the ball, the thumb should point in that exact direction. Work on your swing, and at the edge of it, other two fingers should let the bowling ball go. 

Even so, if you are a novice, the ball might end up nowhere, but this gives you a footprint of what you should really work on next.

That said, work on your release steadily. Take a few steps away from the release line and work on that releasing arm.

Throw A Bowling Ball by following this checklist

You will have a spot-on stance if you follow the basics every time you throw a bowling ball.

Gear: For a good game, have a pair of great bowling shoes, a perfect bowling ball, and perhaps gloves. This should feel right at the get-go. Now, you’re ready to hit the lane!

Mark the Spot: Make sure you follow a regular order with the strike shot, that is the first ball of every frame. Work on your consistency to ball strikes.

Timings: Your foot should be in coordination with your arms swinging and release. Once you self-calculate the timing, you’re off to an excellent start.

Hand position: Your hand needs to be strong for the shot. If you plan to throw a hook shot, you need to turn your hand and wrist in a specific manner. Let the ball come forward from the backswing and release the ball from your grip in a handshake position. If you are likely to throw a bowling ball for straight shot, keep the hand and wrist straight as well.

Approach: Place all components such as timings, hand position, and power together for a precise approach. Finish your shot by throwing the ball as it passes your ankles. Either work with a palm-up position or a handshake one depending on your approach.

Speed and Target: An ideal speed is 16 mph, but the correct one for you is what knocks the pins down. Throughout the game, keep your eyes on the prize. Also, keep an eye out for the marks on the lane to guide you.

Action: Again, Bowling is a game about strength, speed, and angles. Find the correct combination for all three, and you will have exactly what it takes to strike.

Now that you’ve gained a grip and known how to throw a bowling ball effectively go out and impress your friends and family.

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