Hammer Black Widow Ghost Bowling Ball Review 2024

Hammer Black Widow Ghost Bowling Ball Review 2024

Hammer Black Widow Ghost Bowling Ball Review

In this Hammer Black Widow Ghost Bowling Ball review, We will discuss why this is a popular choice among professional bowlers and who is the best fit to throw this bowling ball.

Black Widow Ghost is really popular due to its aggressive hook potential and reactive coverstock. This bowling ball features Hammer’s Gas Mask Core, a low RG asymmetrical core that provides a strong and angular motion on the backend.

The pearl version of aggressive reactive coverstock, called CFI (Carbon Fiber Infused), is designed to enhance the ball’s durability and increase its hook potential.

One of the standout features of the Hammer Black Widow Ghost is its aggressive hook potential. The ball hooks early and provides a strong, angular motion on the backend, making it ideal for bowlers who like to play on heavy oil conditions.

The CFI coverstock also provides a good amount of durability, making it a great choice for bowlers who bowl frequently or those who tend to throw the ball with a lot of power.

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How We have reviewed Hammer Black Widow Ghost

So as we know, this new Black Widow Ghost features a pearl version of the aggression coverstock that’s on the Black Widow 2.0, and both balls feature the iconic gas mask core.

So as far as expectations go, I think it is Black Widow 2.0 that is going to be a little bit earlier, dig into the mid-lane a little bit and be a little bit more predictable down lane.

Comparing it to the Black Widow Ghost, I think you will see more length through the front and more down-lane motion.

So to better show the different reaction shapes we can get out of this Black Widow Ghost, I actually drilled two of these, one Pin-up and one Pin-down pattern.

Today, we’re going to pull on two different patterns; we have a house shot in Carbon at 42 feet and another 42-foot pattern in Autobon which is actually sports compliance 3 to 1 ratio.

This Black Widow series is surely an iconic line, but does this Black Widow Ghost add to the legacy? Let’s find out.

So we’re throwing the new Widow Ghost. We will be starting on the house shot lane and comparing it to the older Widow 2.0 solid cover, and let’s see how it fares.

My finding is the house shot here hooks a lot, so I’m probably going to stand pretty deep, like 25 and let’s see how much the 2.0 hooks.

Layouts for Black Widow Ghosts:

Pin-up: 45 x 4.75 x 30

Pin-down: 70 x 5 x 70

Carbon 42'

Typically, I start with a solid ball anyways, so I started with 2.0. It was a good start. Black Widow 2.0 hooked a lot. So right off the bat, I switched to the Pin-down Ghost.

Getting it to hook enough is not going to be a problem, so let’s see what this does on a fresher pattern and see if it’s too much or not enough. So I’m going to stay on the same spot.

On my first attempt, it looked pretty good. The ball definitely hooked. It looked earlier than 2.0, probably because of the layout.

I mean, I like what I see with just the first shot. I really like where that’s rolling. At least we’re in the right part of the lane for this pattern.

Now let’s go to the pin-up one. I expect this one to go a little further down the lane, probably something I’d use later, like a step down from the pin-down one.

But it is a house shot, so it might look okay again. I’m going to stay on the same spot.

Yeah, that one definitely went for the downline. Don’t know if I’m a huge fan of the entry angle off that shot, and I think it might be just a little too clean if I was going for the score at least.

Let’s see if I can move like 3 and 2 left; let’s see if it still gets around the corner.

Adjustment: Three Boards left with feet

It was no problem at all to get in there. That was 3 and 2 left and it was pretty steep.

It looks pretty sweet and reminds me almost of the Pink Widow, maybe a tad cleaner, a little smoother, but that’s the kind of vibe I’m getting from it so far.

Yeah, let’s keep pushing it. I’ll do the 3 and 2.

Adjustment: Three Boards left with feet

Well, we found the limits at least 6 and 2 off a strike, or well, I guess 6 and 4 probably not the best move.

I am going to try the pin down from that spot and see if this one picks up a little sooner. This is still like 6 and 4 left from the last time I struck with this ball.

I feel like I can’t stand on 42 on fresh. So, I think I will try the solid now from that same spot where the last two were a little too light, probably because the cover is too clean.

Hopefully, this 2.0 doesn’t do the opposite where it hooks too early and doesn’t get around the corner, but let’s see.

If I’m going to stand there, that’s probably the ball to throw, but probably not necessary.

I will switch to the pin-down Ghost and move right off where I started, increase the speed a little bit, and see if I get my angles closer. I’ll move far right where I was lined up with this ball.

Adjustment: Four Boards right with feet

It looks good too, a little more up the back so I could keep it in front of me a little better, bumped up the speed and I like what I see.

I’m gonna try the Pin-up one from there. It might be a little too quick for playing that far right on a fresh pattern at least but we shall see.

The ball’s definitely too quick to play that far right right now. Pin up one is definitely further left and slow down versus the pin down one I can play a little further right. okay I’m gonna try the solid from further right now.

Hammer Black Widow solid is a lot of ball, at least for this pattern. Like I said, the house shot here hooks a lot so i don’t know if hard and straight is necessarily my go-to on this.

I think the solid too is just a little too quick a little too much ball. 

So let’s actually take this Pin-up and I’m going to move back left to see if I can just slow down the speed.

Adjustment: Twenty boards left with feet Slower Speed

That’s definitely the better spot for that ball. Pin down one lets you play a little further right and in the pin up one definitely a little further left.

Let’s try going, hop down the spectrum we’ll go left and see how far left we can get with Widow 2.0. Let’s do another four and two.

Adjustment: Four boards left with feet

It’s nice and yeah I can get pretty far left with these balls. Let’s try the Pin-up one from there again, another four and two left and I’m just trying to keep my speed down because I know the ball’s gonna come back as long as I throw it slow enough.

It’s a little too clean probably and we’ll try the Pin-down one same spot. You can already see a pretty big difference between the solid because the solid and the Pin-up one are laid out basically the same.

Yeah that looks pretty amazing not gonna lie. Again the pin down one just read the spot a lot better. The pin up one just didn’t quite read as early as i’d like it to.

At least like I said, it’s pretty fresh still so pin-up one would probably be like a couple games from now. However we will keep pushing it and we’ll go another four and two and again just keep trying to keep the speed softer.

Adjustment: Four boards left with feet Slower Speed

Yeah I have no worries about these balls making it back. I think as long as I keep the speed softer and slower it’s gonna get there.

I think that’s enough strikes on the house shot. Let’s take Black Widow Ghost to a real pattern.

Autobon 42'

Now we’re going to throw on the Autobon pattern. It’s actually the same distance as the house shot we were just on and the same volume to an extent.

The only real difference is the ratio. What I mean by that is the house shot we were on was on a 10 to 1 ratio which means there’s way more oil in the middle and way less on the outside, a ratio of 10 1.

That makes it so when you miss right, it’s going to hook back because there’s less oil on the outside and more on the inside.

And it will hold so when you miss left, and you hit that 10 ratios and stay online longer, which means it stays in the pocket.

Now the one on the left is 3 to 1, which means there’s a 3 to 1 ratio of oil and dryness. That means there is less hook to the right and less hook in the middle, which makes it less forgiving if you will when you miss. 

So, I’m going to start with the solid Black Widow 2.0. Again, I would typically start with a solid ball on a fresh pattern. I’m going to stay in the same spot as the house because I know this center hooks a lot, so we’ll see what happens.

So Black Widow 2.0 is hooking a lot less, but that’s okay. I still like the shape of it, so I think if I just slow down from there, we’ll be okay.

Adjustments: Slower Speed

I love the messengers, but again could be better. A little bit of a struggle getting there, probably too far left. So I’m actually going to move right and probably get my speed back to a little more normal with that ball.

Adjustments: Two Boards Right With Feet

The funny thing is I am still having some trouble getting there. But I’m going to do another 2 and 1. So, the next throw was a lot better. I like that line with the 2.0. Let’s see what the pin-down Black Widow Ghost does from that same spot.

I really love where the Black Widow Pin-down Ghost is picking up. I’ve always been a really big fan of the shiny pin-down asymms. Let’s do the same thing and hopefully, we get 10 and not a crush seven again 😉

For the pin-up window, I expect it just to go longer. However, it might not get there, but it’s okay.

After comparing the Hammer Black Widow Ghost Pearl with Black Widow, 2.0, I picked up Ghost as my staple ball right off the bat.

I loved how both Pin-up and Pin-down Ghost bowling balls played off each other and How they played off the solid, the stronger version.

Closing Thoughts

First of all, in the house shots, Ghosts could basically strike from anywhere at least with my Pin-up and Pin-down. They are definitely better from the left.

However, with their cleaner cover, it was impossible for me to play them too straight. With higher rev rates and a lot of friction, they were great from the left, and I could hook them better from anywhere.

On the challenge pattern, I saw a similar thing. It was a longer pattern and I typically play a little further left in a longer pattern.

While Black Widow 2.0 became lazy and kind of reached its maximum, the Pin-down Ghost picked up in a similar spot but got to the fronts a lot better.

Then I got further left and I picked up the Pin-up one which got a little further down the lane and really let me get around the corner.

I would absolutely take at least one of my Ghosts with me to a tournament.

Overall, the Hammer Black Widow Ghost looks promising to the Black Widow series with its pearl coverstock and gas mask core.

It offers more length through the front and more down-lane motion compared to the Black Widow 2.0. By throwing the balls on the lane, we could see the different reaction shapes that the Black Widow Ghost can produce on two different patterns. It appears to be a versatile ball that can handle different lane conditions.

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